• Visualize your life, the easy way

    “Time is precious – but it’s not like other precious things. You can’t hold it, like a necklace. Or taste it, like money.”Philomena Cunk

  • Secret colours of the Commodore 64

    In 1991 I was fourteen years old. It would be fair to say I was obsessed with computers. I proudly owned a brown ‘breadbox’ Commodore 64 with an exotic upgrade - an Oceanic 5.25” disk drive:

  • How to create Overviewer maps from Minecraft Realms

    Note: This article is out of date now. I’m working on an updated version though! Subscribe to my free Substack to get an email when it’s finished:

  • How to hack Amazon's Wifi button for IFTTT

    If you’ve ever had a puppy or a baby, you’ll know how important it is to track their bodily functions. Are they ok, healthy and pooping according to plan? If you’re super organized you can track those shenanigans in a spreadsheet.

  • Quickly check your Git repos for changes

    You open your laptop. You have a ton of git repos, your own and other people’s.

  • SD card performance tuning on Chromebook

    This guide assumes you’re pushing your Chromebook to do interesting things, like running Ubuntu Linux and playing DotA 2 via Steam.

  • Create an army of Salt minions on DigitalOcean

    This guide is for two audiences:

  • Tune Dota 2 performance on a Chromebook

    I got a solid response from redditors on my earlier post walking through how to run Dota 2 on a Chromebook. Lots of folk had questions on performance.

  • How to run DotA 2 on a Chromebook

    Note: This article is out of date now. I’m working on an updated version though! Subscribe to my free Substack to get an email when it’s finished:

  • Devlog: Mobile touch controls from scratch in HTML5

    First up, grab a WebGL-capable mobile device - I recommend a Nexus - and play the current build to see what I’m talking about.

  • How to run Minecraft Server Manager on Amazon Linux

    What is it?

  • How to run a Minecraft server on Amazon EC2

    I originally published this article on This draft is revised for 2014, since Amazon updated their offerings. It’s really out of date now but it’s interesting as the first comprehensive guide to doing this.

  • Collected Encounter devlogs 2012-14

    I posted a bunch of short devlogs between 2012 and 2014. They’re collected here in one place.

  • dear sis

    Dear Sis,

  • NYC polaroids 5

    It’s early Autumn, and still warm as the evening begins to draw over. You’re walking home from work, treading the last familiar steps westward on 22nd Street. Thinking about reaching for your keys, there in the bag slung over your shoulder.

  • NYC polaroids 4

    Something harsh and insistent breaks your doze. It’s morning. Saturday.

  • NYC polaroids 3

    Now so firmly far from the sun, the cold air outside is a dead, permanent threat to ears and fingers. So you like to look at this old picture here. Taken in July, in the New York summer. Back when you were

  • Houston polaroids 1

    On the streets in Houston. The undisputed realm of the motor car. Highways, vast concrete ribbons, arch and bank. It’s hot, the kind of heat that hits you in the face when you open the bonnet of your car after a long drive. Narrowing your eyes against the searing specular highlights, you notice a pattern in the shining paintjobs. Houston is full of muscle cars. SUV, multi-wheel pickup, Dodge, Mustang, Corvette, Exxon, Amen.

  • NYC polaroids 2

    Once it reaches 42nd St, your morning E train becomes an exercise in diplomacy and impinged personal space. The unlucky commuters on the platform give up and step back to wait for the next service, but a few always try to force their way into the sliding-door space. From your position in the middle of the jammed bodies, you watch the nearest doors clunk shut and wait to be on your way. Tense moments pass.

  • NYC polaroids 1

    The Pearl Oyster Bar on a winter evening, bright and unadorned. At the bar, patrons wait for a table. Malcolm McLaren sips something cold and makes no conversation with his companion.

  • jakob

    On 79th street, the American Museum of Natural History.

  • mariko

    On an island, on a mountain, under perpetual cloud, a museum sits, damp and peaceful.

  • view from a plane

    This time, from high above the earth the angled sun catches a network of red tile roofs below, an intricate spidering of tiny twisted copper wires. Live and sparking with some ley energy, drawn above ground and urban. Tiny windows spilling light as transistor buildings pulse and fire, executing some ponderous calculation spanning centuries, tentatively laid out in medieval hamlets and mud tracks.

  • the doll house

    [Disclaimer: the publish date is legitimately when I wrote this. It’s the first piece of writing I ever committed to digital]

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