Dear Sis,

Ca va? Ha ha cava bien ; )

How are you and james? I’m really sorry i didn’t call you back the other day, don’t read anything into that.

We should totally go for a drink sometime, catch up! I can’t remember what it’s like to be hungover. That’s probably for the best though, right? Maybe we could have a wee picnic or something, if it gets sunny.

Sorry we’ve left it so late, my fault! Especially with your birthday coming up, the big 3-0! Scary stuff huh? Here comes the ghost impression, WOOOOOOOOOO-OOO - Ha ha you must think i’m mental!!! I’m totally like a kid sometimes, more so now with the wee ones. And i know what Mum says - OK maybe I’m not Mrs Perfect Mother all the time, but we’re doing better than she did right? ; )

It’s not all me though, you have to send me an email or bebo or myspace or something. That’s what the kids do nowadays right?? We need to keep up to date.

So here, well everything is pretty much Peachy. OK i am such a liar!! I guess we’ve not been seeing totally eye 2 eye the last few months, you know what i mean? I love the bugger though. He is a good person, I’ve always believed that. You just have to get to know him. You know like Dad says, ‘idiosyncracies’. Besides, you have to work at it. Good things don’t come easy. Blah blah… besides it’s a bit late to be thinking of a fresh start, right?!

I forget the last time you & me had a really good goss. I think i just need to get out of the house for a bit. I know I’m probably being selfish. It’s funny really.

Anyway remember to call me when you get a chance! I know you’re busy. Any time is fine.
I’m afraid i might not get time to write to you for a while, so don’t worry!

Love ya babes!!!!

  • Maddy

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