December 17, 2013 · technical gaming projects

multiplayer, why not

I started thinking about making a two-player game after reading the superb writeup of World Wide Maze.

As a ‘quick experiment’ I began messing around with Websockets at 7pm, and now just after midnight I have two Encounter clients updating each other in real time.

There’s a node.js server in between, streaming data back and forth. Most of the magic is in The cleverness in the server is just keeping a single two-player game going by kicking out whomever the oldest player is, when too many people join : )

WebRTC would seem like a good choice for peer to peer, but a server component seems inevitable to do matchmaking.

This is all in the netcode branch so not live. And to be honest not really C64-esque at this point, it’s more of an experiment than anything else.

I’ve only tested on localhost so far - I imagine the performance back and forth to my EC2 server is going to suck enormously. Something to look forward to tomorrow : )

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