December 19, 2013 · technical gaming projects

light table from the top

So two cool steps forward today.

First, had some success working with Light Table. It’s cool because you get the browser and editor hooked up bidirectionally, with very little fiddling. It looks like this:

light table example

Whenever you make an edit, hit Cmd-R in the editor and the browser reloads. The console is there at the bottom.

While it’s running, you can highlight any variable in your code and Cmd-Enter it for a breakdown of the current values in the runtime.

It’s not quite as amazing as I want it to be. The eval popup doesn’t update with live values - you have to delete it and re-request, with an awkward right-click.

And there’s effectively zero documentation. But overall very compelling.

Second thing - I figured out enough of the Orthographic camera to get it functioning. It looks like this, once we dial down the playfield so it all fits on one viewport:

Very cool! This will make things like a top-down radar (hopefully) easy to implement.

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