December 14, 2013 · technical gaming projects

kill it kill it dead

Tense one-on-one action against a ‘devastatingly intelligent’ enemy now at

A day of refactoring through a hangover to be able to plug in Enemy actions as well as your own. The main encounter.js is starting to slim down now and only handle the basics - a good sign.

I’m pretty amused at how the current AI works. Check out Enemy.js for a cheap laugh.

The end of the day was spent puzzling over OrthographicCamera and CombinedCamera. I have no idea how they work - a quick test produced extremely confusing results. Suspect I have to try them out on a super simple test case and get my head around that first. Maybe this link will help.

What I’d like to do is have a top-down camera option without any perspective skew, basically like a radar view.

Also today I got my first ever pull request on github! Thanks Texodus.

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