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Who’s been to Japan? Recommend me some unmissable things to do or places to go. I’m going there tomorrow for 2 weeks, will be going to all the big cities.

the most pointless post ever

I’m back with a vengeance folks.

So I sent Aaron this email which I knew he’d find funny and he replied saying it was good TF material. The thought of posting it had never crossed my mind so blame him for this childish nonsense. If you start reading it and don’t find it funny then stop and go and do something else as the humour certainly does not improve any.

What follows is an exact email thread conducted yesterday by me and some former work colleagues, all professionals in the IT sector.

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Euro 2008

Hamit Alintop (below, top) was one of the star players for Turkey during their Euro 2008 campaign. Tonight, they unfairly lost in the semi-finals to a very poor German side, ending their dreams of reaching the final. Alintop (below, bottom) was photographed soon afterwards drowning his sorrows after the defeat.


“Totally hopeless”

Well, this article sums up my three days of misery in an entirely objective way, L O L.

I should hasten to add that our (i.e. my) Oracle 10g upgrade was complete and available 2 hours before schedule. It was only then that we ran into, erm, memory problems on our production server, for which I am completely blame free. I was in from 00.00 – 18.30 on Sunday and 09.00 – 22.30 on Monday. And a Tuesday full of agony.

Normal service has resumed, Stu’s stress levels reduced significantly. Still, the article is pretty hilarious. 99% success?!