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Air’s last post made me smile. I love these things. Would you like to know some facts about me? Well, I can’t promise they’ll be worth knowing but i’ll give it a good go.

1. My default frame of mind is bright and optimistic. I have shorter fuse than most though. Not something i’m proud of.

2. My mind absorbs numbers and superfluous data like a fat kid absorbs chips. I know most telephone numbers i’ve looked at a few times off by heart. Al’s old number in Saudi was 00966501613115, Aaron’s old number was 07900423577. I went on a date with a doctor once. She told me I was ‘on the autistic spectrum’. That’s not good date chat.

3. Catchy one-liners and concise phrasing turn me on and always have. I remember clearly standing up in the shopping trolley at pre-school age telling my mum to buy Vortex because ‘It Kills All Known Germs DEAD’. I loved thinking up clever taglines for ads at uni.

4. Being in the sea makes me feel elated. I grew up in the water. It’s the most magical element.

5. I learn most quickly when out of my comfort zone. I’d love to be more prolific with the gifts that I have. Lazyness is less acceptable the older you get.

6. My friend Lauren is always happy. Her philosophy is catchy and concise. ‘People are more important than things, relationships are more important than money’. She is wiser than me.

7. Hearing is on a par with sight. Music is more important to me than most things.

8. Erratic artwork appeals to me most. Pollock, Basquiat, Cabellut. Order terrifies me. I understand that it’s necessary but it freaks me out.

9. I can understand the argument for polyamory. Some people genuinely experience a need to be with more than one partner and are resolute about their partner’s right to do the same. I’m not one of them.

10. I have an irrational fear of the supernatural. It’s very silly but it genuinely terrifies me.

Basquiat Geekout

My friend Emily bought me a book on Basquiat for my birthday. One in truth I already had because i’m a complete Basquiat nerd but anyway, it prompted me to read it rather than just look at the picters. Turns out he had his first ever solo exhibition at the Fruitmarket in Edinburgh. Goodness me.

Cool wee story here about him leaving a painting behind. I wonder how many people in Edinburgh are sitting on an original, maybe some without knowing how important and rare his pieces are. Made me smile.

ms.bean jan update

Bonjourno, it’s been a while. Things have been good on the whole, just muddling along y’know – work, boyfriend, life. Same shit. Except, in the last week there have been a few developments.


Grand Theft Auto, the game we’ve all been working on for what seems like eons now, has a proper, official, set-in-stone not-gonna-change-this-time-honest release date. This is a very exciting prospect and a good motivator for the demoralised in the studio. What is more exciting is that it serendipitously coincides with an impromptu visit to NYC to see air. Beautiful. And very weird to think that one day soon, the game will be public property. Launch party. You’re invited..


Is coming back from Saudi Arabia. To Scotland. To stay. In our house. For the forseeable. This Saturday. Excitement, joy, disbelief, trepidation. This should be the easier bit, hey? i’m 99% of the first three and 1% of the fourth. He’s a picky, antagonising shite, and i’m a louche, careless batchelorette. Should be a smooth transition, eh?


Is interesting. Various opportunities opening up career-wise for both of us. Al has decided to go to uni part time as he wants to become one of those Air Accident Investigator geezers. Me, i’m waiting to see if my company step up to the plate and start taking me more seriously, financially. If not, having this stuff on my CV is career gold, and someone else will. Al has decided that he wants to study at Kings, London. So I think we might be seeing rather more of the place. Something that makes me very happy indeed.

On the whole, things are lookin up!

Bean’s guide to Geneva

Geneva isn’t nearly well enough documented for the tourist. But it’s ace.

Start from the very beginning:

My good friend Lauren seems to have crammed in a ridiculous amount of life experience for her comparatively few years on the planet. Last year before going to university, she moved down to Edinburgh to au pair for an affluent Anglo-american-arabic family who lived on Gt. King St. So after a while, she was pretty much adopted by them and spent a lovely year toning her gluteus by pushing prams up and down that big hill in the New Town and learning how to make stuff with chick peas taste nice. Jolly good. Except a few months ago said family decided to up sticks and move to a place called Lucerne, which is sort of north of the centre of lovely Switzerland. Lauren has had a zillion weeks off this summer, so after a packed schedule of fabulous family holidays and social engagements lasting from june-August, she decided to go visit familie zwei who asked her to stay til uni starts in Edinburgh. Now the little shit has a fabulous suntan and about 10,000 air miles under her belt. I on the other hand, hadn’t left the office since March and had aged about 30 years. Time for some sunshine. We decided to meet up in Geneva as Lucerne is small and she’d already seen it and got bored.

Boring stuff/amazing stuff/dangerous stuff/languages

Fly EasyJet from Edinburgh – They make you queue for miles, taking a pee is extra, the hosties look like they’ve been tangoed, but they fly direct from here and you’re there in a jiffy.

Them are mountains – Go during the day and you fly over the alps/Mont blanc. I’d never (consciously) done that before and it was spectacular. The way the serrated ranges partition the cloud into its hundred misty soup bowls was proper nice and made me think of food (£5.10)

Trams will kill you – We met up late at night and went out. We drank fizzy at the hotel. We staggered to the nearest cocktail bar. There’s a reason why something travelling at speed, emitting a monotone past an immediately placed stationary object sounds like a reverse crescendo of varying tones, I saw it on Brainiac, and it has a name but i’ve forgotten it. Lets call it Tony. Tony is fucking TERRIFYING. Lauren yanked me out of the way, I did a cartwheel in the air, lost both my shoes and landed on my head. I now have many scabs on elbows and knees. Pay attention or die, fool.

Don’t try and speak French if you’re a golly – Genevans are polite, lovely people. But much like the other French speaking places i’ve visited, they wince if nouns and numbers are all you got. They’re not going to smile and correct your l’s le’s and lezzies. They’re going to sneer and slowly answer you back in better English than your own, like you’re a gleck.

Cool stuff:

Patek Phillipe museum – Patek are pretty much the best widely known luxury arm-clock maker in the world. Their watches start off at about eight grand and go right up into hundreds of thousands of pounds for the ones that have the most ‘complications’ – ie, most difficult to make. Notably, their pieces don’t go up in price respective to the amount of gold and diamonds they cram on. (unlike Rolex whose ‘expensive’ watches are for chavs.) H&I in Ed sold a Patek tourbillion to someone last year for £150,000, and it didn’t look noticeably different to one at a tenth of the price. Anyhuu, the museum is a horologistic heaven of ticks and tocks and springs and cogs, detailing their history from the 1700′s up until present day. Amazing. I loved it.

My Favourite Lunchtime Cakes

1. Fudge Doughnut with creme anglaise (it’s not custard) – Greggs. These are an absolute revelation. Deep fried pastry nugget smothered in a good half-centimetre of unctuous fudgey goodness, penetrated by the hand of god and injected with dribbly manna. Should come with a government health warning.

2. Stromboli – Valvona and Crolla. Sorta the same as above but you can’t be seen wandering into my work with a Greggs bag too much or folks will think you’re a mink. Posh italian doughnut. Slightly denser, less icing. Lovely with a cup of tea.

3. Chocolate brownie – Boots. Oh my Jesus Christ, if you haven’t tasted these, you must. I’ve never had a better fudge brownie in my life. Crisp on the top with glorious chocolatey cobbles strewn over. You can fit a whole one in your mouth. Just. After doing so I get the Lazy Eye of Ecstasy as perfectly demonstrated by Antoine De Caunnes when Lolo used to sit on his lap during Eurotrash.

4. Bakewell Tart – M&S. The only condition under which I will ever eat almonds. Crisp, delicate pastry (its so hard to get that right), jammy perfection and that marzipany sponge stuff. I hate marzipan, but this is splendid, perversely.


I found a wee cupboard today. Cosy looking, has a light but no windows. I think it’s meant for servers, but they’ren’t any servers in there. Just next to the kitchen and there’s plenty cereal. I could hide in there and it would be nice for a time. Could read magazines and stuff. Be dead good.

mostly pish

Conscious that I haven’t posted anything of late. It’s because life is totally ships biscuits. Same shit.

Think of my job as an unruly T-Rex which without warning, has golluped a hitherto fundamental-to-my-happiness shaped slab of social life and me time. That’s not so good, hey? Hopefully though, only to produce enough of a cash-shaped jobby in the near future to pay off my dealers and maybe take my mum on a Proper Holiday that doesn’t involve eating whelks at Broughty Ferry. So there is a pay-off, so to speak. It’s not just a job Jilly, say theywhoknowstuff. It’s an OPPORTUNITY. But as anyone who’s ever had one of those knows, opportunities are baws fun when its warm outside and there are people wearing sunglasses and you can see them frolicking in the reflection of your computer monitor. So at the moment things are very samey, but i’m getting to see some amazing things. The game we’re working on is beginning to look insanely sexy. The project i’ve been involved with lately has required a good amount of cross-referencing, which has meant some serious time driving around and looking at things. Amazing to see it all evolve. The great thing is that it’s so, so different from the last game in the series, both in look and feel. The level of detail involved, so meticulous and minute that it actually begins to feel real. It’s beautiful. It’s another world. And you get to fuck people up.

Some unrelated linkage:

Are we all agreed that this is vile?

About to be the largest conglomerate sale (in value) of modern art, ever. Including the amazing Nympheas – Part of Monet’s Waterlilies series, not seen by the public for eighty years. Bids starting at ten million. Really expected to go for nearer thirty though.

Celebtulant. Hilarious.

Days of Holi

 Ooh, guess what? I’m in lovely Italy this week. Holidays were reinstated at the end of March and I seriously felt the need to do some sleeping, smiling and walking at an ordinary pace. Bit of a nightmare booking something last minute on easter weekend  but got there in the end. (Initially fancied going somewhere proper sunny, but flight connections were a total wanker – Can’t wait until Edinburgh has a second terminal and you can miss out the Heathrow bit)

 Anyway, currently in Florence which is bathed in the most gorgeous dappled sunshine. How nice is it to see the light of day again? It’s lovely here. I’ve always wanted to visit. Went to see Michealangelo’s David (penis the size of a walnut - hands as big as a JCB) and the Trevi fountain (shitehawk mecca). Currently eating lunch, then off to the Medici Palace which from the pictures, looks like someone vomited solid gold, then out for some posh food tonight. Tomorrow i’m going to the Uffizi to see The Birth of Venus, then it’s off down the coast to Roma. Awesome.

 Holidays. Love em. Oh, and Al is here too. Big smiles ACTIVATED on the jb.