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blaudzun ‘elephants’ tab

Blaudzun is a Dutch songwriter fellow. I like this song Elephants because half-way through it goes into a long sequence of unpredictable chords looping over and over.

Here are the chords, nobody seems to have worked em out yet.

Capo on 5th.

Verse D Am G

To me...
F Em G D x2
Am G F Em
[Now we hit the chords off-beat and loud]
G D Am G F Em x2
G D Am G
[Return to normal chilled pace]
F Em G D Am G [repeat]

The video is a bit saucy:

bulletproof mashup

Meursault did a turn for BBC Radio Scotland, including the long-awaited mashup of Radiohead’s Bulletproof (verse) with La Roux’s Bulletproof (chorus).

Another dude out on the interwebs was thoughtful enough to clip it out into an mp3, but he let the links die so I’m doing everyone a favour, reclipping it and making it available by more reliable means.

Have a listen here or hit the wee down-arrow to download it feverishly into your collection.

panoramas from europa: St. Paul’s Cathedral

Then, I was lucky enough to get an insider’s tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral from our very own CJ. Check facebook for a few tantalising pictures, it was very cool.

Here’s a pano from the tippy-top high point, reachable after many minutes of climbing tiny ancient shoulder-crammed spiral steps. All the pano goodness after the jump! Check the old Italian biffer with excessive pairs of glasses.
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panoramas from europa: Seven Dials, London

So in August I got to spend a bit of time maundering around Soho and Covent Garden. I had a very pleasant time randomly splashing out on designed goods and wishing international data roaming wasn’t kidney-sellingly expensive.

Here’s a pano of the Seven Dials crossroads I took with the jesusphone. The resolution is decent so you can hit the plus sign (down the bottom) to zoom in if you like. Read the posters and such, admire the buffoonery. All the action after the jump!
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wherein I sing a Scottish song


freedom, etc.

I’ve been listening to Meursault a lot recently. They are excellent, recognisably Scottish and feature my old Edinburgh associate Fraser. They’re on iTunes and Amazon and everything.

Here is me funneling their noise through my bodily systems and into my iPhone. On the widget below you can listen, download it, comment it, all that stuff. This is off the latest album All Creatures Will Make Merry.

The other great thing about blasting out Meursault tunes is that I can sing in my own accent without it sounding weird! Bonus (happy now Dad?). This one is dedicated to Brian and Emily who kept poking me to post more stuff.

Technical stuff: got it on the third take. It’s DADGAD tuning with capo on 3rd; check out the videos online to figure it out. The iPhone 4 seems to have put a few clicks in there that Garageband can’t get rid of (low-tech, hell yes). I’d think about adding some overdub to the ahhhs at the end but I’m keeping these recordings as unfucked-with as possible.

films from far lands 2010

I posted about the NYAFF this time last year, and that entry is still on the front page! Oh facebook and twitter, how you have robbed personal blogs of material.

Here’s the festival trailer for 2010 (best enjoyed full-screen, right-click and Watch on YouTube):


This year I’m committed to:

Come join me in the madness!

eine kleine musik

a hat

A hat, yesterday

In 2009 my then-GF got me into The Veils, a kiwi band featuring hat-wearer extraordinaire Finn Andrews.

Now and again I mess around recording stuff with Voice Memos on the iPhone. Since I managed to get through three minutes of a Veils tune without any major fluffs, here it is in all its low-fi glory. You should be able to play using the widget here. If the play button doesn’t appear below, you probably need to view this post on TF as intended, or just get the mp3. Listen out for the plectrum-hitting-table noise at the end, it’s a highlight.

To hear the proper unmangled version, get Sun Gangs. Old suedefaced Bernard Butler worked on this one, the opening track.

Also this is probably a good opportunity to plug Stu’s band Kontakte, who employ more advanced recording techniques : )

The iPad. Is it baws?

Early in the year I have a bit of post-bonus disposable income, so I indulged in some wallet bukkake and ordered an iPad. Here is what happened.

First impressions

I’ve used an iPhone for a couple of years now, so that gives you a certain perspective. The icons and such look very familiar. The first thing that hits you is: holy shit there is just a ridiculous amount of screen space. In reality it’s a modest 1024 by 768, but after using a phone it’s pretty striking. I think how you react to this device depends on what you compare it to: is it a big phone, or a small computer?

Although you have this expanse of screen, the icons and buttons are still iPhone-sized. They feel dwarfed, relatively speaking; you have to aim carefully with your fingers.


a pad

An iPad, yesterday

This is critical for me: the killer iPad use for me is lounging about on the sofa typing shit up.

At first typing is definitely weird. The reason: no tactile feedback. It is not possible to touch-type on a glass screen. This means you have to look at the keyboard most of the time, which is unnatural; the letters are appearing somewhere up there in hopefully the correct order.

After some time you get used to it, eyes flicking back and forth. I completely rely on landscape mode though (bigger keys to hit). The little keyboard clicks are indispensable.

Last bit of weirdness: an iPad forces you to cut your fingernails really short! Long-nailed typists just receive a series of clacky noises and nothing happens.

The good stuff

Things with big sweepy gestures are lovely. Google Maps is a whole new experience; it genuinely feels futuristic. You are holding a high-res atlas that comes to life in your hands; looking down, you sweep the world below you around, grinning like a retarded god.

The feel of the iBook is great. There’s a wee gimmick where you can grab the page and wave it around instead of just reading the fucking thing. The popup dictionary is beautifully styled and charming.

Random stuff:

  • IMDB is outstanding, very polished.
  • Frotz uses all the space! Lovely.
  • Evernote have made a decent effort but there’s no A-Z index of your notebooks.
  • Netflix is magical: all your Instant Play films appear on the device, just like that.
  • Wikipanion is good for WPing.
  • Epicurious is great, swipe-able food and cocktail recipes.
  • There are few ‘native’ Twitter apps yet (just Twitterific so far). The best Facebook interface is just using the website in Safari.
  • Oddly enough, games that use virtual joysticks play much better! Critical Wave, Mini Squadron.

The baws

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