Monthly Archives: September 2010

panoramas from europa: St. Paul’s Cathedral

Then, I was lucky enough to get an insider’s tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral from our very own CJ. Check facebook for a few tantalising pictures, it was very cool.

Here’s a pano from the tippy-top high point, reachable after many minutes of climbing tiny ancient shoulder-crammed spiral steps. All the pano goodness after the jump! Check the old Italian biffer with excessive pairs of glasses.
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panoramas from europa: Seven Dials, London

So in August I got to spend a bit of time maundering around Soho and Covent Garden. I had a very pleasant time randomly splashing out on designed goods and wishing international data roaming wasn’t kidney-sellingly expensive.

Here’s a pano of the Seven Dials crossroads I took with the jesusphone. The resolution is decent so you can hit the plus sign (down the bottom) to zoom in if you like. Read the posters and such, admire the buffoonery. All the action after the jump!
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