my first youtube video

A few weeks ago it was actually sunny for the first time in months, if still a bit crispy and cold. With glee I took the board out and recorded myself failing for educational purposes. It turned out to be an interesting wee clip so I youtubed it for your amusement.

I won’t embed it here, it’s better to go and watch it in proper HD glory, ideally in full screen.

I can now say with some enthusiasm that video editing is bananas fun. Making subtitles is a total pain in the arse, however.


2 thoughts on “my first youtube video

  1. Making subtitles is easy peasy!

    Getting the little bastards in the right place though? Now that’s hard…


  2. Incidentally isn’t there some strange law about covert filming in public places.
    Naturally you told the guy about the camera, right!
    Er, you did tell him didn’t you?
    Oh dearie me!

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