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Euro 2008

Hamit Alintop (below, top) was one of the star players for Turkey during their Euro 2008 campaign. Tonight, they unfairly lost in the semi-finals to a very poor German side, ending their dreams of reaching the final. Alintop (below, bottom) was photographed soon afterwards drowning his sorrows after the defeat.



George Carlin is dead. Not just the guy who played Rufus in Bill & Ted’s, but the guy chopping out social commentary on human nature and free speech for over four decades.

George said a lot about organised religion. He was probably the world’s only Pescitarian. I liked his idea of Frisbeetarianism though: the belief that when a person dies their soul gets flung onto a roof, and just stays there.

A quick quote, then it’s off to read the wikipedia entry.

The very existence of flame throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, “You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.”


The heat and humidity remain, but Sunday is peaceful. The rain washes steadily in the quiet. People are staying home. Now and then you hear the distant sound of what might be thunder, but is probably just God crumpling up old skyscrapers.

When I thought of moving to NY I didn’t think of attending lectures. Nevertheless some of my most memorable evenings here have been spent in quiet orderliness learning about something new from legendary players in their given field.

I got taken to see Chip Kidd deliver what was supposed to be an hour on book design, but was closer to actual comedy – the guy is really funny. It was a real insight into what my life would have been like if I’d stuck with Graphic Design all those years ago at high school, instead of jacking in the paintbrushes for low-res lines of COMAL.

Then, the panel discussion on ‘designing New York’, with three of the partners from the apparently mighty design house Pentagram. Design here on a bigger scale: branding and banners and buildings. It was cool to hear the stories behind so many of the visuals I’d noticed around the city over the last six months.

And finally, this week was a gem for me given what I’ve been reading recently: a panel discussion on Science and Morality, including not only Daniel Dennett (philosopher, outspoken rationalist and part-time Santa) but Antonio Damasio (diminutive Italian neuroscientist at the forefront of figuring out how consciousness works). The discussion pinged about in polite fashion for ninety minutes and the host did a decent job of keeping it on target. Given I’ve read the latest books from the main dudes there was little new stuff to learn, but seeing them in person was pretty exciting. Sample ethical quandary given in the discussion: is it moral to masturbate using a chicken?

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to see the equally bearded Oliver Sacks, who is now apparently a cyclops. Poor lad, after all the good he’s done. Why God why? etc.

The summer is now unequivocally with us. People tell me this is nothing compared to how it gets later on. Time to acclimatise I suppose. My A/C unit is now free of stoor and my ceiling fan spins away, reminding me of Twin Peaks but especially Apocalypse Now. Saigon. Shit. I’m still only in Saigon.