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welcome to the deep seats

comfy chairIn the past my travelling has been self-funded. Also, I’m of the opinion that money is best spent on things, and not burned for a comfy seat on a flight.

Hence: I’ve rarely flown business class, and never first class. For this work-funded trip overseas though, the big companies involved have a Special Arrangement and I get upgraded all the way. I could get seven people to NYC for the price of this ticket.

Funny: old people in wheelchairs getting frisked.

Not funny: a new machine for security, the Shoey Feet-Feet BombAway. After you’ve been through the usual metal detector and are settling into a sprint for the bar, there is now a second intrusion – all shoes are removed and placed on a tiny conveyor for individual irradiation.

The Flagship Lounge at Heathrow is amusing. Elaborate carpet, dark wood tables, leather chairs. A random collection of people; mostly aging couples paying nasally to couch their corpulence. A few youngsters with rich parents. With an hour to wait, I attack the free drinks and sink into the leather chair up to my neck.

pixelpusher and clerks

So I’m trying to get some content behind the new words and pixels links above.

The pixels page needs Java, so depending on your system you’ll either get a “bad puppy – no Java” message or a short Java-loading delay followed by dancing picture elements *fingers crossed*.

In other news, at work I got picked for a fancy training course. The first ‘module’ is in New Jersey. Here is a useful map showing how you get from my hotel to the Quick Stop featured in the film Clerks. I’m off on Tuesday and get back to Blighty on the 5th.

the birds sing a pretty song

Easter weekend is an institution in London. Everybody legs it to the countryside. The city empties, hotels fill, roads jam, and trains are filled with the cries of children and tinnily reproduced MP3.

brighton pierGiven the nice weather it would be criminal not to do something with the bonus days off (the Friday is also a holiday in England). Therefore Saturday was a train trip to Brighton. Marks et Spencer picnic for the pebbly beach, replete with deckchairs, carousels and endless chip shops. Not nearly as many near-death pensioners as expected; a 20s/30s weekend bunch with young families. A good atmosphere.

Up on the pier for doughnuts and cheap rum, arcades, tuppeny falls and funfair rides swinging out over the sea. Some nice afternoon drinking and a healthy pinkening of the forehead achieved. Spent the last of the sun today lazing around on Potter’s Field, a wee park just completed where I live.


The best news I’ve heard this year is that the second run of Twin Peaks is finally coming to DVD (it’s only been six years). No release date for UK yet but must be within weeks. My complete but sadly scattered set of VHS can at last be retired and a marathon watching organised. To prepare I’m going through eps 1-7 again with commentary – always something new to be picked up. Amazing fun picking out common elements from that series (1990) and INLAND EMPIRE (2007), by which I spent Friday afternoon being pummelled.

EMPIRE does contain some classic dizzying moments where frames of reference are juggled. And some unforgettable images to go with the Red Room. There is also a lot of arguably cuttable time. This film definitely pushes the audience tolerance for confusion wayyy further than Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive – this is the most openly puzzling film since Primer.

In a way the most rewarding aspect comes out in the hours and days afterward. Your memory of the film distils down to the essential parts and you’re left to discuss the stuff that happened and collaborate to work out possible angles and meanings.


Been doing some work on TF… a much tidier Archives link on the left. A new set of tabs for navigation will have to wait until I can get it looking OK on IE.

PS. if you track the TF comments and use Firefox, try visiting this link to create a Live Bookmark. The magic of RSS…

Days of Holi

 Ooh, guess what? I’m in lovely Italy this week. Holidays were reinstated at the end of March and I seriously felt the need to do some sleeping, smiling and walking at an ordinary pace. Bit of a nightmare booking something last minute on easter weekend  but got there in the end. (Initially fancied going somewhere proper sunny, but flight connections were a total wanker – Can’t wait until Edinburgh has a second terminal and you can miss out the Heathrow bit)

 Anyway, currently in Florence which is bathed in the most gorgeous dappled sunshine. How nice is it to see the light of day again? It’s lovely here. I’ve always wanted to visit. Went to see Michealangelo’s David (penis the size of a walnut - hands as big as a JCB) and the Trevi fountain (shitehawk mecca). Currently eating lunch, then off to the Medici Palace which from the pictures, looks like someone vomited solid gold, then out for some posh food tonight. Tomorrow i’m going to the Uffizi to see The Birth of Venus, then it’s off down the coast to Roma. Awesome.

 Holidays. Love em. Oh, and Al is here too. Big smiles ACTIVATED on the jb.