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big numbers = uralt


It will soon be that time for me. Here’s the order of events.

The Scotland-based get-together is on Friday March 9th, so mark that well if you’re north of the border.

phase one, early evening

To begin the festivities we’re heading through to Glasgow to get trashed up watching LCD Soundsystem at the Barrowlands. The Barrowlands is a fantastic venue, so if you haven’t been before, now is the time.

You can buy LCD Soundsystem tickets from the nice people at Ents24. Failing that (i.e. if they are sold out, you cheapskate) I might have one spare.

I will however be putting my old, old hand in my pocket to pay for a vehicle to take us all back to Edinburgh – I didn’t want to inflict the late night boozetrain on everyone. It may be a pimped up glamorous ride or it may be practical, it’s too early to say.

phase two, about midnight

Once we’re back in Edinburgh we’re heading for Stu’s flat (please note, not my flat this time) for the usual late night nonsense. If you don’t fancy LCD, then this is the juncture at which we meet.

Drop me a text and hopefully see you on the 9th!

prefix of the day

So yesterday there was a tragically rare moment of banter at work, and we were talking about something that was very old, prehistoric even.

I threw “primordial” into the mixer as my comedy adjective. Then I was legitimately trumped with the suggestion, “ur-”. This rang some bells but I wasn’t sure of the exact intent, so with a quick trip to I found out it’s a German prefix meaning “original, prototypical”.

Useful to know, but I was most pleased by the relevance of the answer provided by Yahoo on the same page:

Yahoo Answers: About “urā€“”:

Who’s ur favorite Golden Girl? Mine is Blanche! I love how she’s like an old lady skank!!

remember the sabbath and keep it zombie

zombieFor some boredom breaking, Zombie Horde 3 plays very much like a live-action Urban Dead. Which is a good thing. The opening is a little slow (go hang out at the barricade to make money at the start) but it picks up quickly after that.

Or for some Smash TV style blasting with great sound effects go for Boxhead – More Rooms.

Peter Jackson’s Braindead was on last night, introduced by Edgar Wright and the Pegg. I watched it through again, proper laugh out loud funny. And I noticed the opening location is the ‘scary’ Paths of the Dead from Return of the King.

I kick arse for the Lord!

like United 93 – flu

ouchI’m back in the arena of the well at last. Last week was mostly a write-off, as the cold that I felt coming on Monday had been joined by a dizzy headache on Tuesday, and then by proper, full-on influenza by Wednesday. It felt quite like I had been stabbed in the throat and temples with a snotty dagger. The broken thermostat for regulating body temperatureĀ  was quite fun too, sweats and aches and fevers. As my first experience of the affliction it was all quite entertaining. Clearly the flu vaccination I had at work was a syringe of watery lucozade.

It’s not just me that’s feeling better though. After extensive, exhaustive, penetrative testing (involving hardcore pornography and hired sex workers of multiple genders and pseudo-genders), Ted Haggard as been diagnosed as “completely heterosexual“.

Everyone got exciting plans for Saint Valentine’s Enforced Romance?

bright light entertainment

judasI got to work from home on Friday, an unexpected bonus while I waited for a face-pierced Scotchman to come and fix the dicky boiler. Despite the whispering siren song of the Xbox in the corner I seem to get more done this way, with potent homemade coffee and a James Brown new-heavy-funkathon on at high volume (may he rest in AOOWWW).

Which brings us to the weekend. I can’t say we’ve sussed out any fantastic nightspots in London yet – 93 Feet East was the best candidate so far – but there’s plenty of culture to be going on with.

Last week met up with Swedish Jojo to listen to some Schumann and Mendelsson at The Night Shift (“classical without the rules!”). A novel experience for me, having dabbled in opera but never sat before an orchestra. The late-night event is characterised by drinking and informal banter with the conductor, with obscure gags raising knowing chuckles from the lounging bespectacled musos.

On Wednesday we got out to see Pinter’s People at some ancient theatre in Picadilly. The main draw was the cast, Bill Bailey, Sally Phillips, Kevin Eldon (almost reprising Simon Quinlank at one stage). First exposure to Pinter’s stuff as well, pretty good. The series of sketches swing adeptly between face-pulling character comedy and drawn-out Chekhov silences and sudden dark notes of tragedy.

Friday night was our old chum Stewart Lee with his new monologue, What Would Judas Do? Taking the role of Judas he talks through the last days of Jesus in diary fashion. The main thrust of the story is good – that Jesus was largely ineffective in achieving change during his life, and only achieved anything lasting through Judas’s actions and his martyrdom.

Stew did clearly lose his train of thought during the Mary Magdalene part and appeared in danger of grinding to a halt, but managed to improvise a rambling path back to the script. In the end it was forgivable as I got to play apostle Philip in the last supper*.

Next up is the Hot Fuzz early screening on Monday. Let’s hope it’s not absolutely fucking atrocious eh?

* as a footnote this is the second time I have taken part in reenacting The Last Supper. The first time was much funnier and more embarrassing.