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birthday update 1, year zero approaches

oldmanI always liked the idea of year zero somehow.

So it looks like I get to be 30 first – only 5 weeks to go. Hallelujah.

The long slow slide into oblivion begins. Oddly enough the most startling, creep-up-unexpected fact is not that I’ll be 30, but that my ‘little’ brother will shortly be 27. That kind of brings the point home. I wonder if my older brother or father feel the same about my unnecessarily feared milestone.


The details are yet to be tied down and beaten into submission. What’s clear is I’m not having a flat party – it’s only a few months since the last one (and I suspect I couldn’t top it anyway). The dates to keep free are:

  • London: 2nd March
  • Edinburgh: 9th March
  • NYC (fingers crossed): 16th March

If you feel the need to get me a token gift to make up for my appalling Xmas then that would be appreciated. I think the favourite present is already in the bag though (thanks Dad) – the wrapping is Xootr-shaped.

stop press: wordpress update

stop! hammer timeI’ve upgraded TF to use the now-really-quite-special WordPress 2.1.

Check the link for details, but headlines are:

  • spellchecked posts
  • autosaved posts (just for CJ)
  • the crappy image menu is now done properly
  • at last! a proper HTML code editor

Hurray for Open Source. While we’re here, note that you can carbonate your posts using images uploaded in the past – check the ‘Browse All’ upload link.

Flatmate required asap

To share with one CJ, one Nat and one boy in lovely-ish Morningside flat. As no one wants us so far we will consider almost anyone. Flat is a bit expensive but you will be sharing your room with a boiler (nice n cosy) and the tramp resident on the stairwell is always happy to point you in the direction of the latest local booze offers.

Please get in touch with one of us asap if you are interested.

x CJ

love your music for less

If you buy anything off iTunes, stop now. You can get your music 8 times cheaper (i.e. albums for a pound each). They're the same quality (192kbps) and – crucially – they're unrestricted mp3 files.

I looked at the ultra-cheap Russian site a while ago but was disappointed by the selection they had. This now seems resolved. Amusingly Visa and Mastercard refuse to deal directly with those dirty commies so you have to jump through a hoop or two. It's worth it.

  1. register with the payment site Use the "Click & Buy" option to buy a voucher. The voucher consists of a PIN and a Claim number.
  2. register with and top up your balance with the Xrost voucher. Rejoice as you immediately get a 10% bonus for using this payment method.
  3. download the client from Log into the site with your allofmp3 details.

That's about it. You launch the client and Login with your allofmp3 details. Then you can start spending your balance!

Prices are linked to file size and nothing else. Seven Swans by Sujfan Stevens, $1.99. Bargain.

amusing work anecdote #1

Two Important Visitors from another company have arrived to see a presentation. My colleague has recently joined our team and sits next to me. He is a perfectly decent bloke who happens to be over 20 stone, with a tremendously large belly. He has worked with the Important Visitors in the past.

Aaron and his Portly Colleague meet by the printer and pass a few moments in conversation. Colleague places hands in pockets and rocks back and forth mightily.

Portly Colleague: Well it's been a while since I've seen those two.

Aaron is puzzled, and recklessly ventures the first thing he thinks of.

Aaron: What, your feet?

Aaron immediately realises what was meant ("those two" are the Important Visitors) and that he has dropped a comment of H-bomb rudeness but has no option but to grin and go with it.

Portly Colleague hesitates for a moment, his expression hidden as he looks down. Shortly afterward he continues as if nothing was said.

a phinalised phlat

Last proper post from me was in November… holy jebus. A lot has happened in a short time.

After an epic amount of hassle from the estate agent Foxtons (henceforth known as Fuckstains), I finally got settled into the new flat and the regular exchange of money for a decent postcode has begun. A few guidelines for renting in London, since buying there will require getting Croesus on the mobile:

  • remember that rent is quoted per week? Well your monthly hit is not the lazy estimate (weekly_rent × 4), but rather (weekly_rent × 4.33). That can be 100/month difference.
  • admin fee will appear at the last minute, 320ish, plus VAT.
  • deposit will be six weeks rent.
  • basically expect to drop about 3.5 grand before you even get to sniff your keys.
  • being a tenant sucks the big one.

When being allocated an agent, especially try not to get a flailing muppet cloned from Gareth, right down to the brain-shaving whine of a voice. Who has never closed a deal before, and will make an unending series of mistakes and will repeat the aggravating litany, "please excuse my inexperience".

Thankfully the flat is ideal. Really central, close to work. And in a quiet area unmarred by sirens, gunshots and vomit.


What a relentless tour of dull and unfortunate relatives this Christmas was! Bearing gifts from ASDA. And trying to KISS ME. Yuck.

Some favourites from the beautiful people though:

- A shiny red pasta machine with a spoiler bit that cuts lasagne into spaghetti. Wo0t!
- Cookbooks from Gordon and Conran. I can now make aioli. Expect it on your piece and jam next time you come for dinner.
- THE KYLIE CALENDAR!!!! 12 whole months of stimuli, masturbation fans. October is best.
- A pretty Gucci scarf. It has blue beasties on it.
- Swanky flights to nyc for nye from ze boything and a big long helecopter ride into the bargain. CarbonSPUNK. Eeks.
- A cooling dame edna gel mask thing from Emily Smith. Well considered.
- Ear muffs in an attractive rabbit colour. Nice.
- A variety of tacky merchandise from Hooters!

Any favourites yourselves?

Oh, and we got these for the house. Being shipped in Feb. Really exciting if you're an art geek like me.