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Congratulations to Jessica who is going to be working at the same place as this archive! Was I seething with envy, did I have to go for a walk cos I was too excited to stay at my desk, even though it's not even me?

Welcome to TF. We need some more archivists around here ; )

Santa’s BEEN

I hate kids. Hate em. Except sometimes at bus stops, or when i’m walking behind them on their way to school whilst they’re sprinting alongside a power-walking adult and still managing to ask obtuse questions. Then I get this funny feeling – All, ‘I want one of those’. It’s happened rather more frequently this last few months. Bewildering really. I never thought i’d feel like that because, well, i’m not most girls. Anyway, it made me think of Christmas when I was growing up and how RAPTUROUSLY AMAZING the whole experience was. The lead-up, the anticipation, the school holidays, the countless amended Christmas lists, the being too excited to go to sleep and the sleepy-agog-wonderment of Christmas morning at 3.45am. BACKTOBEDJILLMENZIES says my Dad. But he’s BEEN.

And you see, that made me think of the Best Christmas Ever, and how i’ll never forget it. I was six years old and a Lego mad, gadget-loving tomboy. My mum hated that. She painted my room pink and bought me Wuzzle posters which to be fair were quite cool, because at least it wasn’t BARBIE. She always wanted to paint my nails and stuff, but I wouldn’t let her. Anyway. I woke up and rifled through my stocking. A cardboard snowman from willy low’s filled with jellytots. Excellent. A new pink toothbrush. Yuk. Colouring in pens! Yesss! (They weren’t the Berol ones that were nice colours. Parky’s 99p shop didn’t do them.) A light up yo-yo. I could only yo-yo 3 times. Rubbish.

But then it was time for the proper stuff and the reason why i’m writing this post. The best christmas present ever, my friends, was a motor-driven Lego locomotive steam train with a lego track, platform and station! It was the biggest box at the bottom of the pile and by the time I got to it, mum and dad had woken up. I’ll never forget realising what it was. I was so excited I burst into tears cuddling it.

Soooo…. A pretty convoluted way of asking, but what was your favourite Christmas present EVAR, and why?


My Bloginality is INTP.

ETA. I've just noticed how old this is. Perhaps it is a symptom of my absent mindedness that it has taken me til 2006 to discover personality tests.

I think INTP might be another word for geek (or would that be nerd?)

classic pic

I just felt this deserved its own entry, a truly classic picture from a party I had a few years back. Thankfully the faces are somewhat hidden but those in the know will know immediately who they are. Actually, I think there might have been some more hideous shots that night but thankfully they never saw the light of day.



The map exhibition was everything it promised to be and more. I went three times in one week. Yes, that does make me feel a bit sad but I doubt I'm going to be back again before it closes in March. The first time we were kicked out because it was closing time, the second time my visit was tragically curtailed by a fire alarm, and the third time I went alone with plenty of time to spare for unforeseen mishaps.

I would recommend going alone unless you a) have a like-minded friend or b) want to filter out unsuitable dates. My perfect man would clearly be able to last at least three hours at a map exhibition without complaining about boredom or threatening to drop dead with some mysterious malady.

Behold this map of 1593. Prior to the Great Fire of 1666 London is but a slip of a town and London Bridge is the only bridge to cross the Thames.

In 1593 bubonic plague is ravishing London, Shakespeare is writing The Taming of the Shrew, the original Globe Theatre is yet to be built.

Bored yet?

A small petition

I was told that I was obliged to go into an internet cafe and post on TF even when I was on holiday.

However, consider this imaginary variation of a likely scenario:

Two youngish people, CJ and Travelling Companion (TC) are standing outside an internet cafe somewhere in Paris.

CJ: Do you mind if I pop in here to update the folk at TF?

TC: TF, what on earth is that?

CJ: Taking Fire, it's well, sort of, a blog.

TC: Oh, I didn't know you had a blog..

CJ: Well, it's more of a group blog.

TC: That sounds cool, what's the URL so that I can look it up when I get home?

CJ: It's aaronbelldotorg

TC: That doesn't sound like a group blog. Who is this Aaron Bell and why do you have to  post on his website?

CJ: Em.. [sighs]

TC: Wait a minute, 5 euros an hour, we could almost buy a Parisian pint with that.

CJ: Good point!

The pair stumble off and continue their vain attempt to locate a 'rock bar' in Paris. 

So, how's about it? A new URL to reflect the flourishing group dynamic that will surely ensue. I'm told this website used to be good, so why not make it even better?

Here ends the petitioner's petition.