Monthly Archives: October 2006

bergamot the beaver boy

I am the world's busiest man, or it feels like it at least.

It's only been a short time since my last, final, no-more-daily-rates day as contractor (or "consultant" in corporate euphemism). So far the transition to permie has been completely uneventful – the new job as such doesn't really begin until I move down south.

I have 6 weekends precisely before I am due to start my new job in Landan. In that time I have to:

  • decorate the flat to an acceptable standard such that people might pay reasonable sums to live in it
  • replace my antediluvian kitchen and get a working washing machine, new cooker, etc.
  • find a new flat to live in 350 miles away, with no time off to go and look at places
  • sell, give away and destroy a large percentage of my possessions
  • put the valuable bits into a van and drive them to Landan
  • move the rest into storage
  • continue to deliver quality software releases at work under high pressure
  • get some research done to avoid getting professionally pummelled when I arrive in a new peer group
  • try and keep friends and girlfriends and families happy
  • throw a leaving party of some kind
  • sleep

So last weekend I was down in London doing some basic scouting (and getting mortally trashed at my cousin's engagement party). Location is everything. Barbican, Farringdon, Spitalfields. Everyone I met said 'The Borough', which looks a good fit.

All help appreciated : )