eno in the morning

So the London interview probably could not have gone better. As Stu points out, it’s essential to maximise the pre-interview banter to get your talkbox in gear. Some leftfield questions were thrown in but I was on form and whacked them all back.
I should hear back with the final offer this week. The end of Clockwork Logic? Maybe for now.

Post-work, couple of London Pride ales in the sun outside Blackfriars amid the screeching scooters and sewage breeze.

The hotel looks over the Thames, very pretty in the morning. In the hotel lobby they are piping in a soothing abstract loop, a Brian Eno opiate for suited men. Concierge in a top hat. Off to my future office.

3 thoughts on “eno in the morning

  1. That’s the last stage in the tortuous one-step-forward one-step-back journey to a new job. I just have to wait for the formal offer now. The celebrating can probably wait until I’ve said yes (next week hopefully).


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