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caitlin’s time machine

stopwatchSo when I was over at Caitlin's she showed me her old photo album from when she lived in Scotchland all those years ago. Back in the days when we pummelled Opium and Bannerman's and generally constantly misbehaved. And lo, I was much affected by the pics and did photograph them; and verily, made them available on the etherweb. Nostalgia fest, begin. Warning: may contain excessive smoking and crudely styled hair.

In completely unrelated news the recent lack of political chat on TF is largely due to my current job… too busy to spend time crafting exquisitely shallow takes on serious events.

The hungover token effort today then is from the gurgling shitpipe that is FOX NEWS, who dropped this fetid piece of irresponsible fact-dodging reportage. I actually choked on me bacon sarnie. You can also check out the must-watch final part of The Power of Nightmares to redress the balance and feel clean.

I Heart Rosy Rockets

I wrote this a while back, but I think it may have featured in part of the entry that TF ate, so here we go again. Big upppps to RR, without whom, I wouldn't have the best job in the world. Remember she linked to the Rockstar recruitment website? The rest is history.

 I owe you sparkly shoes, habibi. XOXO 

I heart jim woodring

snailI mentioned that one of my favourite artists uses Moleskine notepads earlier. Well, staple me to a submarine and call me Cardinal Frothy-Tuppence, I got an email from the man himself. Mr Woodring kindly writes:

Hello Mr. Bell -

Nice to hear from you, sir. I was in your country once, many years ago, and loved being there. It was right after that movie Braveheart came out, and spirits were running high. I didn't get to Edinburgh, unfortunately- it looks most picturesque in the photographs- but I did spend a wonderful two hours wandering in the necropolis in Glasgow, followed by a viewing of Dali's much-lacerated-and-repaired Christ of St. John of the Cross in the church museum nearby.

Those three pictures are indeed available; thank you for your interest. If you do decide you would like to purchase the lot they will arrive matted and ready to frame; and I will pay for the insurance and postage.

Very best,

Jim Woodring

How exciting! What a gentleman. Investment in art, that's where it's at… not that I can really afford more than one piece mind you.

For other Woodring pics see the charcoal Holy Land (JW's favourite), or the mind-mangling colour of Legend.

another plug

As you are probably aware I play 'on the side' with my cousins band Dropkick, lending them my deft fingering skills on the bass guitar.They have recently recorded their latest album 'Obvious' and to celebrate this monumental event we are having an album launch night at the Caledonian Backpackers on Queensferry Street on Sat 22nd July.  Supporting us that night are Slowjet, Little Pebble and one of The Sundowns - these bands are all fantastic and are well worth checking out. 

This night forms part of the Salad At Lunchtime tour we're embarking on this summer.

The album is rather good actually and it'll be on sale on the night for a measly £5.  Proceedings kick off at about 9pm and it's £5 on the door.

Hope you can make it.


Animals as art and women as objects (AKA Tuesday Rant)

I popped into DCA today, on my way to interview some lucky sod for my project. Imagine my surprise when I was greeted by two caged birds – Long-tailed Glossy Starlings to be precise (diligently noted in my Moleskine – Edit: could I sound more like Air here?). Artist Dave Allen hopes that the birds will eventually begin to mimic the piped soundtrack that he is blasting into the aviary for their pleasure. Imagine being caged up and subjected to a continuous soundtrack of someone else's choosing just for the entertainment of another species. Anyway, onwards..

On my way home I stopped off at the station kiosk for a packet of crisps and a ribena (irrelevant). While choosing my flavour of McCoys, I couldn't help but notice that something else was STARING ME IN THE FACE: row upon row of naked women on the front of magazines. Am I the only person who gets so angry and upset at the objectification of women in contemporary society?  Continue reading