the importance of being excited

So as you get older there are some benefits. You gain some serenity, relatively speaking. A more easily attained contentment. Tranquility. At the very least the ability to convincingly feign an insouciant air. YMMV.

In any case it's apparent that your added stability comes with a cost. More stability seems to mean you feel less wild excitement, or singing hysteria. A continuation of how your feelings change about Christmas, or your birthday. Increased control precludes uncontrollable feeling.

So recently I've been particularly resistant to childish excitement, particularly of the whooping-and-jumping-around kind (with a few girl-related exceptions). This year might be different though.

1. From a career point of view I've levelled up, if you like (+15HP, +1 INT, +1d6 damage). Got some heavy new 5kiLL5 and further control over what I do.
2. Added to that is the real inspiration on Doing Big Things from the relentlessly unpleasant Danieru.

So in two days I'm off for 5 weeks to visit Tokyo, London and New York, and decide what to do next.

I have contract work until September. I've abandoned the wildly ambitious plans for my flat, and decided to make it merely rentable. My anvil weight of material possessions is getting eBayed.

I have options. And for the first time in ages I am actually fairly excited.

14 thoughts on “the importance of being excited

  1. I’ve always dreaded Christmas.

    These days I yelp with excitement over old photographs, conference buffets, cups of tea and spontaneous week nights out.

    Choose New York!

  2. Choose Tokyo! My jealousy will approach such insane levels that my soul will implode and I will ascend to the next level of human evolution!

    Live the dream, you successful go-getting fucks. I’ll be here, in my parental house, phoning the job centre, weeping. And playing many, many computer games.


  3. Choose London. Its a hedonistic, fast living den of stimulation I defy you not to fall in love with. Yes, it has its down sides, but most of them pale into insignificance when you earn good money. Its another world entirely.

    Another world you can escape home from in an hour on a plane.

  4. There is nothing post-modern about it, I think you’ll find if you go there the place is crawling with them.

  5. Nowt more exciting (and scary) than getting lost in strange cities. It really tests your belief in the kindness of strangers and the generosity of public transport staff. Hardly ever happens to me unless I drink- geographical genius I am.

    I've had London, Paris and Berlin hankerings this week.

    Choose London.

    And Jamsie, can I point you in the direction of this place.  You're not welcome here but I'm sure they'll be happy to have you. Or are you already a member? 

  6. hey CJ! I thought you were rooting with me! send him my way, NYC!

    *sorry about the rhyme.

  7. I lived in one of the most ebonic areas of London and worked in Camden. I think the immense cultural diversity that it assimilates is one of its immensely strong points. People invariably tend to gravitate towards their own and enclaves of such huge cultural richness as Brick Lane, Clapham, Stokie and Shoreditch become cities within themselves. Places with their own food, customs, religions, public holidays and belief systems. The people watching is outstanding.

    And so not universally white, professional, middle class boring-fucking-Edinburgh, Jamesy. Sort it out and stop being inflamatory.

  8. I think I agree with you bean. Although I'm white, middle class and soon to be professional.

    >I thought you were rooting with me!

    I know, I'm awfully fickle but I'd forgotten that they'd changed the drinking laws down there so you don't get kicked out of pubs at 11pm, clubs at 2am, and forced to make your own entertainment on the streets. Might move there myself next summer.

    I'm sure he'll have a fandango where ever he ends up!

  9. > Nowt more exciting (and scary) than getting lost in strange cities

    Agreed. Tokyo is now my favourite city for the above, mainly because you stand 100% less chance of being relieved of your valuables and/or organs at knife-point.

    >the immense cultural diversity that it assimilates is one of its immensely strong points

    Is someone marking this? : )

    > he’ll have a fandango where ever he ends up

    You bet, I can’t wait to try one. I hear they taste a bit like chicken.

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