The Happy Ending @ Bannermans

OK folks, my band have a gig this coming Saturday and it's our first in ages and I'd hate a repeat of the last show we played so please, please, please come along if you're free.  I know a lot of people who are on this page still haven't seen my new band so there's no excuse!

We're playing with Little Doses, who feature the bass player who was unceremoniously booted out of Snow Patrol last year.

Details are:

Saturday 17th July @ Bannermans, Cowgate

Little Doses

Terra Diablo


The Happy Ending

Doors 9pm Admission £4

One thought on “The Happy Ending @ Bannermans

  1. I know Stu, but when I move to Ed I will see your band. Finances dire until then. Spent all my money in week 1 of June. I do that every month :(

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