holy, holy jebus

Yesterday was my last day at work. Today is the sensible get-everything-done day of shopping and sorting things out.

pintSo naturally the ONE DRINK that we went for last night became an unstoppable tide of beer. Our guy JC was over from the New York office telling his frankly appalling (i.e. excellent) tales of excess in super-secret celebrity parties.

So my sensible get-everything-done day started at noon when I woke up in a hotel room with absolutely no knowledge of where I was or how I'd got there. I am still fairly pished now (4pm).

The notion of doing ultra-sensible things to make my trip go smoothly is very slippery just now. Holy, holy jebus.

5 thoughts on “holy, holy jebus

  1. I’m still suferring. JC (just) made it into work around 12.30 ish Never ever going for that “one” beer again

  2. Finally sorted, everything done, got me camera and Jap rail pass. Quick trip down to the kilt hire shoppie then airport. Bye bye Ed.

  3. 5 weeks?? Bloody holiday-makers….

    Tokyo, I suppose you realise, has no Arabic/English signs, is apparently very easy to get lost in, and has saki! Given your recent, “woke up in a hotel room with absolutely no knowledge of where I was or how I’d got there”, shennanigans I’d say you are very likely to lose the airport. (Can one lose an airport?)
    Mind you there is also, allegedly, no theft and its full of very polite people. (With cameras)
    Have a great time. Bring us back a geisha…
    Luv u.

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