airtrip #1: london

London is a pretty good warmup for Tokyo. Hot, muggy, crowded, anonymous. Getting on the surreally sterile Heathrow express, Chris Eubank strides past me (tall fella) muttering insanely over to First Class.

First day not successful though. Improbably, every one of six contacts fell through for finding somewhere to crash. Last minute Saturday-night hotel search with heavy bags is NOT RECOMMENDED. Saying that the 3G web access on the new uberphone did most of the work, so the previous trip’s loss sorted me out this time.

Sunday much better. Proper booze-free sleep, out into searing sunshine to get Essential Equipment (an A-Z and Time Out). St George’s Cross everywhere (World Cup see). New places to buy gear, esp. the area Seven Dials. Pick up antique Fred Perry tank top and assorted paraphernelia for marathon GBA Final Fantasy IV session (YES). Pop in to see the X-Men film (enjoyed++) and mercilessly Big Brother myself to sleep.

Heathrow again today, everything going clockwork. Annoy the queue at Bureau de Change by conversing at length with cashier about Tokyo (“the most polite people on earth” apparently).

That’s me boarding for Hong Kong, gate 1. Next post either from Asia, or a short WTF AARGH LOL as the plane goes down Lost-style.

3 thoughts on “airtrip #1: london

  1. Hold’up. Are you in Tokyo?Any uber-sexual lady-boy, type people?
    Was there any decent “reading material” in the hotel?

    Wh’hay! Wahay.
    p.s. go for a swim

  2. Currently in Tokyo, yep – though not finding the time to put a proper post together : /

    No ladyboys at all as far as I can see, lots of very pretty ladies though. No hotel, staying at Danieru’s.

    > swim

    And today is indeed onsen day.

  3. I read somewhere that the Declaration of Independence was influenced somewhat by the Declaration of Arbroath, but that may be a complete lie.

    You missed a rubbish docu on The Scottish Enlightenment, btw.

    Nay amusing cultural differences to report?

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