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jake.jpgA quick one from me. I can’t believe how many excellent films there have been this year so far. I have been a busy cinema-going bee:

Brokeback Mountain: Beautiful and sad. I cried. I love a good impossible love story. I can’t express how much I enjoyed this but I’m disappointed to find a few people that I recommended it to didn’t like it at all.

Hidden: I don’t really want to say anything about this film because I think it is far better to go and see it if you haven’t read anything about it before hand. If you like slow moving French films (I do because I am a bit slow myself) and don’t mind open ends and a few unanswered questions then I think you will like it.

Walk the Line is good entertainment. The acting is amazing (I’ve always been a Reese fan. Someone said they thought it was boring when Reese was not on screen. I sort of agree with this.)

Munich: I thought this was excellent too.

Goodnight and Good Luck: I enjoyed this. It is not an intense action filled drama but rather a beautifully crafted period piece with obvious contemporary resonance. It’s not really designed to appeal to the denser end of the left wing who require a more in-yer-face Michael Moore style. I’m well impressed with Clooney these days. There’s a man that only improves with age: did anyone else see Kirsty Wark fawning over him on NN Review? Continue reading

Jilly & Al’s New Shed

Buying houses is a tribulation at the best of times. Buying houses when your boyfriend lives outside the EU is a fookin nightmare. I’ve found my own Private Idaho. Its gorgeous. At the upper tolerance of what I (we) can afford, but its more incredible than all my adjectives. Its here:

If we don’t get it, i’ll cry. There is another interested party, so we just have to pray that all runs smoothly. Keep your fingers crossed, hey? I can’t wait to have you all round. Positive thinking.

a day in the life

men at workOK here’s my current working life. This is in response to CJ’s post btw.

  • 0600 – Dreams are scattered by extreme loudness courtesy of BBC 6 Music. The early morning DJ, Chris Hawkins plays great new alternative music but his stupid fucking voice makes me want to spew razors into the eyes of babies.
  • 0615 – reluctantly emerge from bedwomb. Observe dust on dumb-bells (since I started attending gym). Cleanse generally. I always feel an irresistible urge to multitask when I am cleaning my teeth. Generally pick up a nearby book and consume a couple of toothpaste-spattered pages.
  • 0630 – strap on Patrick Cox’s and feel mildly aggrieved at having to wear a smart shirt. Assemble things I need for the day in ritual fashion.
  • 0645 – whack the iPod on Shuffle and hike up the hill to Haymarket station. Drop off screenselect DVDs in post box. Get to train 2 minutes before departure.
  • train0704 – the 45 minute commute, nice and quiet at this time. Obtain Metro. Can’t read letters page any more. Any story involving bird flu is mercilessly frowned at. Discard Metro for latest book. Try not to fall asleep.
  • 0749 – Glasgow Queen Street. A recorded female Scots voice repeats in a deafening, banal haiku: Continue reading

Over to you!

So, I start at a new archive on Thursday: unnamed as I don’t want to rule out slagging it off in the future. That is unlikely to happen, however, as I’m only there once a week and 50% of the customers are family historians and family historians are my favourite people in the world. No, really.

Anyway, the best things about working in an archive are:

A) you get to drink tea all day

B) If you are hungover you can go and work (hide) in a dark corner where no one can see you slowly dying.

C) There is always the vague hope that hot young historians will start using the archives.

So, please can you all tell me about the non-working aspects of your working day.

I usually roll on to my bus at 9am and (unless bus is raided by police) I arrive at uni in time for classes at 10am. I eat lunch in the postgrad club because it is brilliant, the music is great, the food is nice, they have a marvelous selection of German beer (which I don’t have for lunch but I know it’s there!!), I have a key, and you only pay for your first cup of tea (with the exception of days we don’t get a lunch break, then I eat in class…grrrr). Sometimes we go back to the postgrad club later to play pool and/ or drink beer. 

So please tell me more. Do you make tea for everyone? Do you eat in the canteen? Is the food nice? The people? I’m nosy, but this stuff really interests me. Thank you.

last birthday before loss of credibility

domo-kun and kitten‘Lo. Sadly this isn’t up to the quality of CJ’s topical musings but a short heads up missive is required. I’m working silly hours just now and end up returning home to avoid computer screens wherever possible.

Main thrust is this: my 29th birthday (party v3.0), 3rd March. You are invited. Queensbury rules (no weirdos or red wine).

In an effort to differentiate between last year and more recently Hogmanay I think a theme might be entertaining. What party themes have you experienced and not hated to the point of cardiac arrest? Ideas please!

  • Dead Celebrities
  • Vicars and Mujahideen
  • Bad Taste
  • Cosplay Is Not Creepy (Especially Not King Of Fighters)
  • Black and White
  • Mohammed In Their Eyes


More atheistic pish from CJ

SerranoAs an atheist who is interested in religion, my favourite artists are usually those lapsed Catholics who criticise/ satirise the religion they were brought up with. There are a few artists, for example Andreas Serrano, who stick with their religion but criticise certain aspects of it: extremism, excessive idolatry etc.

See Piss Christ (right)

After exhibiting the photograph in 1989 Serrano received a few death threats from fundamentalist Christians in American but mainly people just talked about it and sent letters of complaint to their local papers. 

Image, then, a practicing Muslim creating art criticising aspects of his or her religion: suicide bombings, inequalities against women etc. It wouldn’t be done, it’s bad enough if someone of no religion does that. No one wants to be beheaded.

Serrano interview here.

(notice I’ve used a picture of Jesus in piss for this post and not a Mohammed with a bomb in his turban- thank you. This is because I thought those cartoons were boring.)