Monthly Archives: January 2006

TLC for TF

Right. Put a couple of hours in, TF improvements:

  • Recent Comments is back (not quite as good as before but I’ll hack it yet)
  • a 404 page
  • fixed all internal links and incoming google links. If you too are moving from Movable Type to WordPress and need to fix your mod_rewrite rules, check the full post for my fix.

WordPress is officially superb though. Cool things will be added as I discover more plugins.

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things to say to teenage boys to make them study

  • I’ll buy you alcohol if you pass
  • I’ll buy you gamesnshit if you pass
  • I’ll take you to some awful metal gig at Brixton Academy if you pass, and look enthusiastic, and not wear my chav handbag (its Gucci. Fuck off.) and say cool things, and pay.
  • I’ll give you my user details to Suicide Girls if you pass
  • I’ll buy you oakleys.
  • I’ll bite you if you fail.

Sigh. I’m all out. Suggestions?

wordpress is live

OK, it took some hacking but the import is finally done. The hard part was
keeping the Movable Type post IDs during the move.

For the moment intra-site links and hits from Google results won’t work – I’ll have another look tomorrow (Apache mod_rewrite, what a nightmare).

The theme is just the first one I found that was acceptable – have a look around and let me know if you find a good alternative.

Everything else is green for go. Enjoy.

Generation KKK


Talking of scary rituals, I went to see this photography exhibition at St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art in Glasgow. The museum itself is not too impressive but the photography was excellent. I think we were meant to be shocked that this sort of stuff still goes on but anyone that's watched Wife Swap recently prolly won't be very surprised.

Even more horrible: Without Sanctuary. These are some of the worst photos I have ever seen. These lynchings were openly supported by some newspapers in the South in the 1920s and 1930s and still went on up until the 1960s. I don't know why I'm posting this. It's midnight on a Friday night, I shouldn't be thinking about this. Sorry.

pea green boat

abstract1I heard Frou Frou on the radio 6 and the song Flicks was lovely. Check the link, Google are at last doing music. Then I realised that that first track is that song that’s off that film Garden State which is nice also so I bought it from iTunes and look! all the music files are nasty .m4p format. Silly iTunes; information wants to be free.

I just watched the first four chapters of Breaking the Waves which is heartbreaking. I missed clever Richard Dawkins on television last night but he will be uknova’d I hope.

My favourite funny Mr Stewart Lee is on the radio 4 at 23:15hrs tonight speaking his piece Pea Green Boat with his mouth for your tiny shining box to resonate into your quizzically rosy lugs. I excitedly went to see him perform it in the Traverse and it was funny and disturbing and knocked you sideways like a paralysed clown shot at you from a cannon.

You can probably miss it and still listen to it later though.