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hogmanay party

midnightNow hear this. To bring in our New Year and add to your festive options I’ll be entertaining at chez Bell. The flat is just about recovered from the last epic party (March). You are welcome to come along. No weird friends (sorry Robbie).

Drinks will be getting cracked at 9pm-ish; fun to run past midnight and into the day after (I may call the police at 12 noon for my own safety). Feel free to come along after the bells if you’ve something else on.

best presents/worst presents


- Geomag! WHOA. Magnets and ball bearings that stick to each other. Like k’nex but cooler.
- The Penguin Banned Books series. Quite a lot of Orwell in there, also classics like Lolita and Of Mice and Men. Sweet.
- PJ bottoms with polkadots and ribbon waistband. Shut up, they’re cool.
- A truckload of vintage jellybeans
- A wooden wiggly snake
- A tinkerbell skirt
- A shiny watch
- A jaykit
- A little miss chatterbox yoyo
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chrim chrim chrim . . .

Employment is great. I got paid today, and for the first time in my life am not going to be broke over christmas.


Have been attempting hibernation, but i’m bored now and need zee stimulation. Going home tomorrow night, hopefully a night out in Dundee over christmas and back on the 28th. Dr Gayle is up from London that evening until the 30th when she has to go back to work, and so i’m planning an echelon of gay frivolity that Oscar Wilde himself could only aspire to.. (ok, planet, c-c’s and Ego! stop exaggerating.. Hee.)

Sweet and Creamy and Uncommonly Good Chloe is up from Cambridge on 31st, and so I may well hook up with her and be a bad influence. A horrendous state with A,S & P a distinct inevitability, there after. Simple.

In other news, a client of ours got hit by a bus in Princes St the other day. Apparently he was bevvied and stepped off the pavement infront of a 27. Predictable safety message, but you’re all special so take care y’hear? Get fucked up though.


get thee behind me Darwin

A great day for rationalists in the US. In 2004, a group of concerned parents in a small town objected to their children being taught that the theory of evolution was in doubt. Specifically, the concept was being taught that complex living things simply appeared, created by a supernatural and unknowable higher power.

After a high-profile legal battle, the Republican-appointed judge has found overwhelmingly that Intelligent Design is simply not science, and hence has no place in the classroom. It’s a genuine victory for science and honest, well-intentioned separation of church and state.

Let’s celebrate with some Dinosaur Comics. Mmm.

gotta party hearty marty II

So it was Dunc’s birthday and I attended an excellent soiree down Leith way. Top notch company, drinks and horse’s duvets. From thence to Somewhere Else for some civil vino before bedtime surely… but no it was not to be. Against all sane odds we managed to score the party hat trick after 4am and ended up going to this fine chap’s infeasibly large and lovely house for an all-nighter. Skipped a whole night’s sleep completely. Another fine mess.

Note new lovely dynamic flickr badge on the sidebar. Actually no best pretend it isn’t there; just lots of pictures of me and various randoms in terrible states.

The archives of the future…

Will be blogs and journals and internet forums.

Arguably the internet is already an archive. But without an order or a preservation strategy in place it is not an archive in the traditional sense.

The diary as a secret place for one’s own thoughts was a twentieth century phenomenon. As we know, prior to the 19th century diaries were only really kept by important business people and such like (of course there are notable exceptions!), but in Victorian Britain it was not unusual for women to write diaries for their husbands.

In the archive world, diaries and personal letters were not really considered important enough for preservation until the late 19th century (the juiciest stuff we have was usually kept by fortunate accident). .. Likewise, there has been a similar lag in the recognition of the cultural value of the blog. Now, we have to work out how the hell to preserve these things, with all their links and structural features in tact, for a computer, which might not even be a computer, to read in 300 years time.

You may say, why not just leave these things up to chance? But what are the chances of saving, say, an email by accident for more than about 4 years?
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TF is three!!!3

threeJust to note TF is now into its fourth year of gloriously achieving nothing too riveting or mind-boggling. Take care everybody and get as drunk and overfed as you possibly can over the holidays.

Why don’t you add a house and Xmas tree to our street to celebrate.

Or just keep on glugging that damn brandy seriously your drinking is scaring me it’s going to be a repeat of last year isn’t it? and put a top on for christ’s sake god I don’t know why I put up with you no wait here’s the Queen’s speech.

fill my life

If anyone is inclined to buy me anything can I politely bludgeon your wandering hobo of thought down these quiet snowy alleys. Get me:
• a tank top
• a sense of perspective
• a belt (31″, inch fans)
• to a nunnery
• some cufflinks (an even number if possible)
• hot chicks into yiff and frisbee
• a scarf

Oh and wishlist is up to date for the time-challenged. Terrible I know but “hard to buy for”? No longer!

cute, less cute and Cute-B-Gone™

So this is what the inside of my flat looks like on a Friday night, whaddya know. I expected fewer penguin-riding elves, I have to say.

Watched Kung Fu Hustle – it’s hilarious. Many incredulous rewind-and-watch-again moments.

Anyway, to the cute. A slightly freaky kitten; a vexed dog for Stu there. Hold on for the winner though, the funniest pic without question is our snowy baby seal (see full post)!

Less cute: I love the series of cat pictures by degenerating late-life-schizophrenic Louis Wain. More sinister magic here and here.

Finally a wildly, horribly misjudged open question session for the least cute man on earth.
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