relief and a brush with skin

jebusHoly Jebus* it’s cold in Edinburgh. Moon and stars hold quite stunningly over my quiet wee street though.

The immediate Brucie Bonus for today is that my SMS problems are resolved. Ignore-boy stopped ignoring and non-send-girl sent. Much happier.

Oddness in a mailbox as Paul Draper of the Mansun emailed me personally to tell me about his latest work. With crushing disappointment then it transpires he’s chosen to collaborate with shouting 8-ball ‘Skin’ to record three minky-minded minutes of mediocrity [video]. Apparently that’s just the beginning, deep joy.

Hey remember that girl who deadpanned the story about being raped by an agent (Joe Franklin) in the Aristocrats? She is teh Sarah Silverman who takes offensive irony to extreme levels and has a new film. I like her.

* currently my favourite exclamation, exclamation fans. Holy Jebus!

8 thoughts on “relief and a brush with skin

  1. On another topic I found this painting from here which is probably my favouritest painting with paint evar.

    I also think I mentioned I wanted some of X-Milne’s paintings on my walls in my flat but I’m not sure he ever believed me. What’s a guy ta do?

  2. The first link didn’t work for me.

    Think my phone must be broken too!
    Lost my valid until 2017 student card- bolliks

  3. Aye, first link didn’t work for me, neithers. I liked the man smashing the telly on the blog, though. A bit Paul Popey.

    And a valid until 2017 student card?!?! That sounds like the best thing ever. Great Nurgle, do I ever miss the student discount I got on the bus.

    Aaron, I will make you some sort of painting once my sister has gone back down to London (she is visiting and has comandeered my bedroom. Living room floor sleeping for me) and I have bought a new paintbrush. Any ideas what you want painted? I have a freshly undercoated bit of board and everything. Hott.

  4. I really want to paint again but there’s never time. YOu really need hours of free time stretching ahead of you, even if you only actually spend an hour or so painting. At least that’s what I remember from my Art School days.

    Valid til 2017 student card- yes it was the bestest thing ever- printing mistake I think but no one dares question it. But gone, forever, some monkey is probably posing as me and using it as we speak.

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