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James Fawn

James Fawn, my great great great Grandfather, was a music hall singer and a low comedian often billed as, 'The Prince of the Red Nosed Comedians' who lampooned the leisured classes by appearing on stage drunk. With a red nose and bleary eyes, and holding a half-full bottle of champagne or expensive wine, he would dress in dishevelled but very fashionable clothing- top hat and tails.

He hiccuped as he sang, protesting that "… it must have been the lobster I've eaten as I've hardly drunk enough to drown a fly!".

He is most famous for his number 'If you want to know the time…ask a policeman', which was a satire of the well known fact that if arrested for drunkenness, your watch would probably 'vanish' during your time inside the police station.

His last appearance was at the South London Music Hall in 1922, less than a year before his death.

relief and a brush with skin

jebusHoly Jebus* it’s cold in Edinburgh. Moon and stars hold quite stunningly over my quiet wee street though.

The immediate Brucie Bonus for today is that my SMS problems are resolved. Ignore-boy stopped ignoring and non-send-girl sent. Much happier.

Oddness in a mailbox as Paul Draper of the Mansun emailed me personally to tell me about his latest work. With crushing disappointment then it transpires he’s chosen to collaborate with shouting 8-ball ‘Skin’ to record three minky-minded minutes of mediocrity [video]. Apparently that’s just the beginning, deep joy.

Hey remember that girl who deadpanned the story about being raped by an agent (Joe Franklin) in the Aristocrats? She is teh Sarah Silverman who takes offensive irony to extreme levels and has a new film. I like her.

* currently my favourite exclamation, exclamation fans. Holy Jebus!

dismiss them for what they are: chickens

hateBeen a good time for live music lately, 2ManyDJs, Dandy Warhols, Lady Sovereign, Sigur Ros, Elbow on Thurs. All hangovers worth it. No Good Griefs though *sigh*

Been a bad time for SMS contacts (one not answering, one not sending) and for my wallet (sadly somehow lost Sat night). Nothing priceless lost though thank Crom.

Been a good time for motivation to do something new. After much curiousity and with the added assistance of my French Moroccan colleague at work I’m going to have an honest stab at learning French. How long do you think I’ll stick it out?

Been a bad time at work, stuck with crappy tasks for another week before I can get to The Good Stuff.

Been a good time for testing the LCD. Watched No End (too much politics but some gem moments) and Baise-Moi (not as bad as I thought it might be, but pretty worthless). Watched the new Rome series ep1, worth downloading for the cut-glass British accents. You might also enjoy Attention Scum.

Bath and sleep I think.

Nelson? Trafalgar?

nelson.jpegIs anyone else unmoved by all this Nelson nonsense? I mean, how important can one guy actually be? It seems a bit petty to still hate the French after all this time but it’s still a national pastime. The great funeral of Nelson was obviously a non-subtle attempt to promote a feeling of Britishness amongst the English, the newly tamed Irish and the unruly Scots: and they’re still trying to cash in on the poor fellow.

The closest I came to Nelson was clambering over some lions in Trafalgar Square the other night and a drunken attempt to climb his column (yes, really! Duh) It’s the first time I’d ever actually stopped to ponder Nelson and Trafalgar and what it actually meant, and it took the influence of real French wine to induce this reverie.

Entente cordiale all the way for me!
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things what I will miss about London

- Covent Garden. Lovely in summer and fab for random little shops.
- Hampstead Heath. The ladies pond. naked sunbathing in tall grass. Fabulous.
- Galleries. Tate, Tate Modern, National Gallery etc. Love em all. The Edinburgh equivilent is a bit diluted.
- The girls. The funny thing is, it doesn’t matter where you are, the cute ones all seem to bat for the team.
- The gay scene. Big, friendly, amorphous, fantastic.
- The people watching. Second to none.
- My friends. Specifically Gayle, because she’s fabulous
- the climate Warm in November. Come on.
- The Camden Lock Tavern. AKA the coolest bar in the world.

To be continued. I gotta pack

Point at the pole star

I’m coming back to Edinburgh, yehey!

Being employed on a freelance basis with one of the top agencies in the country (yippee) with a view to a perm contract later this month. I need to impress the shit out of them. They were looking for someone with more experience than me, so I have to be focknig splendid.

Coming home to the burger! :)
Start Monday though. Eek.

I have new glasses and I must scream

screamThirty years before Cube and The Matrix came the seminal, brilliantly-named I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Worth the 10 minute read.

Been really busy lately after taking on an immensely challenging integration project at work. The Glasgow Vanity Effect continues to work its magic and in Jill-pleasing style I have two new pairs of designer specs.

I am addicted to the The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm, on my finally-not-tiny new LCD television. The constantly updated Planetside continues to tempt me. I finished the nicely polished Rag Doll Kung Fu on the first go, what are the chances?

My weekends continue to be exhausting organ-pummelling cannonades, most recently for an entertaining all-nighter at Magungie Cottage (no really) near the Smokie for Sheli’s birthday (thanks to Flash and Sally). I surely have more significant things to say but this is probably it for now. Oh noes!!