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I’m going to work at the Guard**n and Observ*r archive in London for two weeks (as part of my archives training). They want me to sort out some photos from the archive but I’m a bit eek because my tutor has told them I can recognise different photographic processes and I am an expert at DATING PHOTOGRAPHS. I AM NOT!! There’s nothing I am worse at than recognising important people from their photographs.

A likely scenario:

Catherine: :pensive: hmm I wonder who this one can be. I bet it is some sort of British Prime Minister or something.

*wanders off to find somebody to ask*

Catherine: Excuse me, who’s this please?

Boss Person: That’s Winston Churchill, you dummie.

Catherine: Image hosted by

Saying that, they’ll probably put me on POSTCARDS!

non-satyr day

spheres Today I finally managed a day not blown hopelessly to shrapnel by hangover artillery. That’s despite going to the opening night of GIG yesterday (which was decent largely due to the bands; the DJ was absolutely focknig wretched; probably doubtful they can keep up the attendance over time).

Rather than do boring paperworky stuff though I got straight out and spent large sums of money on furniture for the flat (table, chest and bedside drawers, etc). My mood is now most positive. To celebrate I think an enormous cup of tea and acoupla hours of the apparently fantastic Day Of Defeat (we still have to wait a few days for Rag Doll Kung Fu).

A brace of entertaining things. For fans of Clerks, the videos on the Clerks 2 site (Passion of the Clerks) are proper, proper funny. Once you’ve wiped the joyous tears away go mangle your eyes playing 15 astonished minutes of Spheres of Chaos. The only game I’ve played where you really can’t be sure if your graphics driver has crashed.

tech tech tech

siriusDid you know you can get a free Java J2EE server at myjavaserver?

Or that you can use Subversion to keep a master copy of all your personal files and check them out to laptops and USB keys for hot synchronised action?

Or that PodUtil lets you dump your complete iPod contents to any computer (I just restored my entire music collection from the wee white devil after a hard disc crash)?

Or that the cross-platform media player VLC can play any movie file, including corrupted and incomplete ones (e.g. dodgy torrents)?

Or that WordPress is now streets ahead of Movable Type? Time for a migration I think. What the hell, we only have 880 entries and 2,300 comments to mess up…

recently I

dot-guitarOur project at work went live with minimal hair-rending. I partied too hard last night to celebrate and have been unable to do anything or even go out again tonight. Am defying the heart palpitations with some vino.

Last weekend I trained to Arbroath for my brother’s birthday. He is old but it was nice to see everybody. Ryan started to improvise a Stewart Lee-style story based on a tea tray and instead ended up telling a funny story about a fairground ride we all went on years ago. The strange offspring of these stories is on the extended post (I had better post it as bruv hasn’t got the hang of this web thing yet).

I saw The Aristocrats and The Life Aquatic and thought they were respectively hilarious and wonderful. My new favourite band Million Dead broke up, though I got to see their final gig in Scotland. Sigur Rós’s impossibly good Glósóli on Takk… astonished me [video]. Staralfur also plays in Aquatic, it’s lovely.
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