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a cry under striplights

On my desk I have a scattering of little sticky notes with important or frequently used phone numbers. The most prominent note is on my left monitor (we each have two flat-panels here, tech extreme).

Initially this reminded me of the helpdesk number so I could get passwords and such set up: HELP 25123.
Then I kept forgetting my own number, so added that just below: ME 228 1234.

Today I noticed that to the casual observer I have a bright yellow Post-It screaming HELP ME in desperate block letters.

London Top 10

Ok, this is a long one because I haven’t posted in ages. Just got back from a fab trip to London. I was a bit pissed but here is what I can remember:

1. The Purple Turtle – Friday night- best night of all, gloriously drunk.

2. Yum Yum – Malaysian- my new favourite cuisine. My meal was served in a half pineapple and washed down with delicious Thai beer. Nice purple walls as well.

3. Stepping off a train and bumping into Jill- 10 million people- what are the chances?

4. The Candid Cafe

5. Degenerate Art- a far too small display at Tate Modern. More at Wikipedia – yes it’s great.
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Al Columbia, Pim and Francie

pim and francie - haunted forest

There’s a graphic artist named Al Columbia. He did the creepy photos for the Postal Service album. He has published only a handful of printed work but his super-dark inky head-manglers are among my favourite ever strips. I’m extremely pleased to have found his first comic Doghead on eBay.

I discovered this Pim and Francie strip hidden away under broken links in a Seattle newspaper site. Maximise your browser, then check the full entry for the whole strip – enjoy.
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In March of this year my old band Bee Thousand self-destructed. However, those of us who remained went on to form a completely new band called The Happy Ending.

The fruits of our labour will be available for all to hear next Wednesday, 21st September at Bannermans on the Cowgate if anyone fancies it. All the info you require can be found here.


windsockHaven’t spent so long on one site for ages. onegoodmove covers all the government handling of the hurricane; much Daily Show content inline. Funny, informative, angering.

It’s worth spending time on to realise just how badly the US government fucked this up, and how much of a hammering the fantastically apoplectic media is giving them. Simple cronyism at the very top translating directly into gigadeath.

Wow. Upsetting.

Images: this is unmissable. One guy’s photonarrative covering the storm, the descent into disorder and escape from the city.

great white hunter – how to catch mice the hard way

mouseGot home late after a long day to find myself at home to not one but two MICE. Apparently visiting from a gap behind my dishwasher. After the initial jumpiness of a small brown thing darting around an inch off the ground, your predatory and territorial instincts kick in and the hunt begins.

To catch a LITTLE BASTARD COME HERE you will need:

• one Booby-trap Box, approx 12″ square. Preferably clear plastic so you can observe your quivering prey.
• one Rodent Rod, 6 feet long. I use a kitchen mop but anything long-handled will do.
• large, mobile objects to use as blockades. Cardboard boxes, shoes, bunched up blankets.
• all the lights on.
• all the doors closed.
• energy and patience.
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