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how to hack for fun and Boosh

Some sites try and force to you watch or listen stuff online. They don’t want you to save it and watch it at your leisure. To those RealPlayer-trusting fools I say: baws!

You want to read this article if (i) you’d like to rip any RealMedia stream or (ii) you like The Mighty Boosh, currently streaming over at BBC 3 or indeed (iii) you want to watch the Boosh while also feeling extremely self-satisfied that you beat The Man and his techno-tyranny.

What you will need

1. Get MPlayer. It’s not terribly legal and is likely to disappear soon. You need codecs and stuff. Good job I’ve set one up for you already.

2. The ability to use the command line, invoked by Start -> Run -> “cmd”. If you can do something like “cd c:mystuffmplayer” then you’re nearly there.

How to hack stuff

To hack a stream you must know its URL. These look like web addresses but the first bit (the ‘protocol’) is “rtsp:” instead of “http:”.

How to get the URL

1. Choose your victim (Boosh is a good start). If you see an option to use a “standalone player”, you are laughing. Note that the Boosh site provides exactly this.

1a. the “standalone” link will point to a .ram file. Don’t click on it, but instead right-click and save it to your computer. It will be tiny.
1b. open the .ram file in Notepad. Bingo! There are your URL(s) and Bob knew your mother intimately. Go to next section.

2. Alas without a standalone player you have to get technical. Here’s an example for hacking Zane Lowe from Radio 1.
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der Zorn Gottes


Klaus Kinski (the crazy looking one, above) and Werner Herzog (the scared looking one) have popped up these pages a couple of times so I thought I’d give a quick summary of my favourite moments over the years with both of them. You should seek these out immediately or call me and you can borrow them.
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