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countdown to chaos

bombiconWe have an excellent couple of Whiteley links already (previous entry); a man whose 30 seconds are well and truly up. In a tenuous link, Edinburgh is also counting down to the G8 summit on Tuesday (see?).

It’s pretty clear the the summit itself at Gleneagles will be raided by militant protesters pretty spectacularly. (While we’re here check the Gleneagles link to try out Google Maps – I guarantee you’ll never touch multimap again).

Before that however is the Long Walk To Justice in Edinburgh city centre, organised by the Snake Poverty Mystery people. Something like 250,000 people are expected to turn up. This is a lot. Given the many militant anti-capitalist groups expected, most people are expecting a week of chaos. Unavoidable example: my client just told me and my colleagues that we are not to even attempt the commute to Glasgow all of next week, just in case the commuter trains are targeted in some way. Several of my friends working in Ed have been ordered to wear casual clothes just in case they’re attacked for being capitalist scum. It’s all most unusual and to be honest fairly exciting.

Changes are visibly in place; Arthur’s Seat/Holyrood is surrounded by steel fencing. Got off the train at Haymarket today be greeted by a meerkat group of police at the main junction. It’s amazing how police presence itself causes tension; all of a sudden you’re alert and looking around for the rumble when actually there isn’t one. You can easily see how things kick off with cops and large groups in proximity.

To maximise the danger then I’ll proudly be taking part in the march on Saturday with pals. Wish me luck – should be an extraordinary day.

Interview with a suicide bomber

Well, an aspiring one.


Marwan asked his commander to consider him for a suicide mission last fall but had to wait until the beginning of April for his name to be put on the list of volunteers. “When he finally agreed,” Marwan recalls, “it was the happiest day of my life.”


“If I am lucky, my body will be vaporized. There won’t be anything left of me to bury.”


“The only person who matters is Allah—and the only question he will ask me is ‘How many infidels did you kill?’”

it’s only rock and roll (but i like it)

If anyone is interested I’m playing a gig with my cousins band Dropkick this Saturday night at the Caledonian Backpackers next to Ryan’s Bar. It’s slightly different music from the other band I was/am in. A wee bit quieter.

Their webpage is here.

And info on the gig is here.

Come along if you’ve nothing better to do or you fancy hearing some alt-country-power-pop with harmonies and banjos.



aguirreAchtung, the very reverend David Lynch is back and this time he’s cyborg. New film INLAND EMPIRE due out next year with Laura Dern and Harry Dean Stanton – a fine start. Some more details here, though they’re scant as usual. Lynch looks pretty excited about shooting on digital – apparently he’ll never go back to film. Can’t wait to see what he does with it.

Watched Aguirre, Wrath of God on a hungover Sunday. I can absolutely see why Stu loves it so much, it’s an awesome piece of guerilla film-making. Probably the first time I’ve seen Klaus Kinski in action, brutal mesmerising goggle-eyed manga demon that he is. The stark authenticity and poignancy of this film are awesome. Final scene still vivid in my head.


Quiet weekend was no more when I decided to go and see Aileen’s band Dystopia and Private Jackson playing in Dundee. Aileen’s voice is great and perfectly suited to a punk-ish band and managed to take some slightly pissed photos for them.

Post-gig partying at St Aidan’s Parish Church in Broughty Ferry. Great chat, booze, somersaults and seaweed eating. The beach at the Ferry is beautiful. Had to vacate the church hall pretty early due to the fact that it was a Sunday morning and we weren’t sure if a congregation were going to show up at some point.

my mask! it’s like… a mirror!

Awesome night last night, trendy drinks, friend’s birthday. Conversation:
“Hi I’m Aaron nice to meet you.”
Intense look.
“You mean like Aaron as in Elvis Aaron Presley?”
“That’s the one, yes.”
“I have a life size cutout of Elvis in my bedroom. You are coming home with me.”

Which would have been better if she hadn’t turned out to be heartstoppingly dull. And is slightly scary in retrospect.

Got invited to be a bassist in a band, though the name Venn State is mildly troubling.

Some fun when I tried – with the accompanying guilt and mild nausea – to log into MySpace: “MySpace now supports UK postal codes. You haven’t entered yours.” Fantastic euphemism, now supports. Translates as we want to know where you live, and we are taking the ball home if you don’t tell us.

Your task for today is to view with exhilarated relief the trailer for Dave McKean spunkfest Mirrormask. Terrible cliched voiceover – “Somewhere between X and Y” – but looks just like that awesome dream you had the other week. Even the logo thing is waycool, despite spoily rubbish typography at bottom.

Lastly, the funniest thing I have seen today is the black metal/polka genre Troll Metal. Prizes for funnier sub-sub-genres.


..Is awesome. An emergency taxi from Dundee to Edinburgh at half six in the morning, connections tighter than a nun’s proverbials and a seven hour flight next to a silly arab woman whose attitude makes my blood gently simmer even four days later, meant that the journey was far from comfortable. I’ve been all over now. I’m begining to actually understand the layout of Heathrow’s terminals and that’s no mean feat. That said, I was almost in tantrum mode at the other end this time. Being a chick on your own in even this liberal an arab country is enough to intimidate. It’s not that people aren’t helpful, it’s just.. I dunno. I was completely fucked and feeling indignant.

Anyway! Hotel is lovely. Spent the first night at Le Meridien by the airport, and randomly got upgraded to el presidente suite type effort for the same money. Cue champagne quaffage with bf in a bath the size of my flat back home. Surreal stuff, then bf hooks up with a couple of RAF hercules pilot mates who are over from Basra for a couple of days. Their chat was AWESOME! Much giggling about frickin’ lasers meant that bed didn’t happen at all that night. Next morning, bleary eyed transfer to the jumeira beach, checked in, explored, ooh aah, darkness, zzzz. Yesterday we went a shopping. I boughtsed one a those razr phones? a black one. Fuck, it’s pretty. And then a wee gucci bag to put it in, which was worth it just for the packaging. Had dinner at the Burj Al Arab, which was an almost carnal experience, then drinks at the bar. Much goggling at the price of the chateau mouton rothschilde! Out of our league? I think so. Really more of a Lambrini girl.

Anyway, today is diving and boyfriend is hovering in the background. If only the rest of my life was like this! Have an interview with advertising legends, TBWA tomorrow from a chance encounter with their creative director. Very much doubt if anything will come of it, but fingers crossed. Pretty much decided that this is the plan, long term. Think I need to find my feet first though. We’ll wait and see.

Anyway! Salaam, and hope things are good with y’all.

jilly x