poker? I very nearly

poker chipSo what else is new. Last Saturday we weathered ourselves thoroughly waving limbs in the direction of Optimo in the Reading Rooms, which was lots of fun. Definitely turned into one of those nights where folk are staying up for the sake of it though. Gladful there are plenty of civil socials to balance the abuse.

Back in the real world, went to see a Simon Patterson exhibition with pal Ruth which was – well – fairly disappointing, but funny to deconstruct at the same time. Bought a beautiful notebook-that-thinks-it’s-a-lifestyle-choice though.

Last night was my first proper poker night with the ex-colleagues. Small-stakes fun, but it’s still interesting how much of a buzz is generated raking in the discs. In the end though one careless chip-spunking round blew it for me. Lessons learned all round and looking forward to revenge next time.

In other news Al is finally leaving our old client this week, so tonight it’s Candy Bar for young-executive Moet-gargling, no doubt. Appalling.

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  1. “Gladful there are plenty of civil socials to balance the abuse.”

    Have you perchance been reading 1984?

    Long live the campaign for Plain English…

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