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Apparently I am so cool I get my own login now. Air you will probably regret this.

Anyway, here are some pics of the Fall of Berlin, 21st April 1945 (well the second one was staged a couple of days later)

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  1. Loving magnum reportage photography. Did you see there’s an exhibition including some of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work on at the MoMA in ed at the moment? From a brief squint at the advertising, It’s mostly about Warhol, with some of Frances Bacon’s work in there too. Down on Thursday, think i’ll go have a look as I love all three. Well, Bacon’s a bit weirdy, but y’know…

  2. While we’re on the subject of the fall of Berlin (I know I was), I can heartily recommend the film Downfall, mentioned by the CJ earlier. It’s a crucially measured and unsentimental look at what happened to Hitler and his homies in the end.

    Tip: when the film ends, be sure to sit in awkward contemplative reverence rather than just getting up and leaving the fucking cinema.

  3. 1. In the USA the film is titled The Downfall: Hitler and the End of the Third Reich

    2. No Oscars. Morons.

  4. in the second photo, the soldier holding the flag originally had two watches on, one on each wrist. ie he’d stolen at least one of them from the Germans. the Soviet graphic design people photoshopped out one of them later so it didn’t look so bad.

  5. Also if you look very closely, the remaining watch has had the manufacturer’s name changed from Seiko (an Axis – and hence unacceptable – watch supplier) to Poljot (a Soviet company).

  6. Wow you guys have amazing eyesight. I still think it’s a fabby photo, though!

    I’m hopefully going to get to DCA this week to see Downfall.

    Jill, the Cartier-Bresson bit isn’t til the summer. The poster is a bit misleading because it advertises them all and then highlights the one that is on at the moment, which is indeed Warhol (but only self-portraits so I didn’t even bother with that).

  7. Andy Warhol – til 2 May
    Francis Bacon 4 June – 4 Sept
    Henri Cartier-Bresson 6 Aug – 23 Oct

  8. Aah, cool. It’s a bit of a weird juxtaposition, don’t you think? I remember seeing the last warhol exhibition in Edinburgh. It was totally amazing – his portraits of other people and their dogs made me smile. I’d like to see the Bacon thing too. Just for the nudie celebrities. Loving C-B too. Although Loup-Sieff kicks his ass.

    One of my many plans for this summer is to learn to screenprint at the DCA. Cant believe I’ve spent 3yrs here and not taken advantage of their kick-ass facilities. They also have dark rooms, I think. Membership is cheap, and the peeps are loverly.

  9. I’d love to do that too. Photo screenprinting is my favourite thing ever. Do they do non-beginner style intros to the facilities? D of J opening hours are going to be rubbish during the summer.

  10. Sure they do, honey. Pop in and get one of their day/nightclass brochures. I absolutely cant wait to do it. I’m a complete novice. You can do totally amazing stuff with screenprinting that you cant do with inkjet or litho. Flourescent ink! Metallic bits! Oooh, i’m getting too excitered. Such a geek. If you’re up for doing some classes over summer i’ll share your sandwiches, for sure.

  11. Speaking of Berlin, Harry’s coming through for his birthday on the 13th. He’s looking forward to seeing everybody, so y’all better show up.

  12. Is anyone going to be in Edinburgh this Saturday? I’m thinking of making a flying visit before worky stuff gets out of control.

  13. Harry’ll be here for the whole 13th weekend, demanding constant attention. I’m not in town this weekend though. Bumming the Mrs. Soz, Eggy XX

  14. Double boo. Don’t tell P but I am planning eggy soup as a nice surprise. Bet you are gutted! X

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