My Dog Ate It.

Well it seems i’ve staggered through this year with all the grace of a baby elephant, but now the degree show is on the horizon I think it’s all looking pretty decent. Still a lot to do, and a wee bit of divine intervention needed to get it where I want, but defo going in the right direction. Leo, Dannii, Ross and Bennett all doing sterling work too, so should be a damn pretty one if what i’ve seen is anything to go by. Lotsa stuff happening for us all at the moment too.. Only the boy Leo was asked to pitch for a rebrand of Harvey Nic’s furniture department, 3 of us got our FISTD thingy, still awaiting the results of the D&AD awards, fangled plans happening left right and centre. It’s all good.

The Private view is Friday the 20th: 6.30 – 9.30pm. Drunken hedonism afterwards. You’re all more than welcome. And if you’re good looking, even better.

7 thoughts on “My Dog Ate It.

  1. Bean, can you or CJ enlighten me as to when there are other graduate degree shows I can go to?

    And haggle mercilessly with greedy students over the price of their meagre art?

  2. Well, you have to come up for Jill’s opening for a start. I think Glasgow and Edinburgh shows are usually a bit later – maybe early June- check the websites.

  3. (sorry)

    Yes. Come! Our drawing and painting kids are usually aslootly amazing. Last year was, for sure. CJ – Did you see that nose paint-o-sculpture?! Wrong!


    : ) It’s actually MISTD. Sure I’ve spoken about it before. Fellowship of the ring comes later, if you can handle the comedy acronym. Type-geek geek-type stuff.

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