dear god, the ug file

plugRight, some words up front here. The Ug File is a collection of the most amusingly unflattering pics in my collection. Most are intentional but many… aren’t. This means: that picture of you in that awful state is probably here. The only criteria is that the pics are (1) amusing and (2) won’t cause any arguments, etc.

Try not to get offended; everyone gets an equal kicking, not least myself. See how many laughs you can get from… The Ug File.

5 thoughts on “dear god, the ug file

  1. pixelcase: shut it hobbit: worrying appearance of ginger sideburns, Bell. Hmmm.

  2. Aye, I taped them on special. The southerners get confused if the jock-types don’t have ruddy whiskers.

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