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Have you seen Capturing the Friedmans? It’s a documentary about a family accused of appalling crimes. It twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. It’s honestly and very cleverly told. It leaves the viewer to make up their own mind. It’s an amazing fillm – go and see it immediately.

Ryan got me the original The Singing Detective for Xmas, which I’m now waltzing through. It’s astonishingly good really; completely captivating. And it goes on for ever; long-term DVD immersion is always fun, as watchers of complete Buffy seasons will testify.

What else? Oh, I found out 3WK has an Ogg stream. Point (and bookmark) your Winamp at Anyone know any other good net radio?

Ah. World of Warcraft, the newest and best MMORPG on the block. It’s very difficult to be disciplined and get anything normal done when this sucker is a click away. Looks lovely, great mechanics (fun, not grind) and you end up dreaming about it, which cannot be at all healthy. I can now enthuse about my level 10 Undead Warlock – no +3 Wand of Cheese yet though.

If like me you are frustrated by the total lack of J2EE support in Eclipse (no XML editing, you what?), it’s worth downloading the JBoss IDE plugin. Free and stable – forget Webtools, for now at least.

Oh and I got a webcam/mic. Anything useful I can do with it apart from wave bits of myself on Messenger?

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  1. > World of Warcraft

    I really want to get a hold of this but due to the nature of student life, I don’t really know whether I can realistically afford the subscription to make the £30 purchase worth it.

    If you’re stuck for a game at any point, I recommend Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. It’s a generic WW2 shoot-em up, but it has an extraordinarily cool tactical system. Oh, and there’s swearing too.


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