back to work

javaReading API specifications. Joining mailing lists. Working through tutorials. Buying best practice books. Researching frameworks. Delving into source code.

Yes, it’s back to work for me (though physically still at home for the time being). After the best part of two years providing architecture consultancy for WebSphere and MQ, I want to get back into actual coding again.

So my self-appointed task is to put together a prototype backend system for a commercial website, using the latest-and-greatest Open Source software and Sun specs. And hopefully get the Web Component Developer certification while I’m at it.

This week is getting my head round Maven 2.0 (build/integration framework), Java Server Faces (webapp structure), Subversion (next-gen source control) and trying to catch up on 2 years of JSP and Servlet spec changes. Fly my techy fingers.

2 thoughts on “back to work

  1. Any plans to get up and running, kidda? I thinks you should ditch dean for a bit and go see more of the world. And work. And get paid. Yes.

    Doing a bit of an interesting project at the moment for a new club night at ego. It’s called furburger! Out of the same mould as diskobloodbath, but leaning more towards the tribadic types amongst us. lezzers. Doing the website/graphics/id/advertising, and having fun. Seriously tongue in cheek. The stuff is really low-fi, alternative, maximal. So not my style, so tis learning curve, innit. The ads in the list on thursday aren’t mine though! They only roped me in last week. Going to Jordanville tomorrow! Woo yay, etc. Be good, y’all. Speak soon. x

  2. > Any plans to get up and running

    I have to, some time soon. Don’t have much time for web design just now unfortunately.

    > ditch dean for a bit

    This is definitely on the plan for late ’05 or ’06. Rent my flat and then go work in EU (near snow) or US (east coast).

    Enjoy Jordan you deviant.

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