all I see is blonde, brunette

The new regime started today, consisting of getting up at 7.00am. To get more done, and also get used to ‘work’ sleep patterns. So much has gone into my head I’m starting to see the binary behind everything, Neo-style.

Purchased the new Exilim today (or rather repurchased, after Amazon decided they couldn’t let me have it as cheaply as I found it on their site. Nnrgh). So I can shortly resume collection of embarrassing weekend pics.

Gig onslaught forthcoming:

• 3 May – Idlewild
• 4 May – Coheed & Cambria
• 5 May – Arcade Fire (still plenty of “arcade fire”+glasgow on eBay)

No festivals yet though. Finally on the band front, I can report that Limewire is extraordinarily fast at leeching MP3s, try it.

2 thoughts on “all I see is blonde, brunette

  1. Man, Limewire hates me. Maybe I have my preferences wrong. I have a fat connection. Tis weird, so it is.

    I’m embarrasingly legal with aquisition of online musik these days… Hrmph.

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