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My Dog Ate It.

Well it seems i’ve staggered through this year with all the grace of a baby elephant, but now the degree show is on the horizon I think it’s all looking pretty decent. Still a lot to do, and a wee bit of divine intervention needed to get it where I want, but defo going in the right direction. Leo, Dannii, Ross and Bennett all doing sterling work too, so should be a damn pretty one if what i’ve seen is anything to go by. Lotsa stuff happening for us all at the moment too.. Only the boy Leo was asked to pitch for a rebrand of Harvey Nic’s furniture department, 3 of us got our FISTD thingy, still awaiting the results of the D&AD awards, fangled plans happening left right and centre. It’s all good.

The Private view is Friday the 20th: 6.30 – 9.30pm. Drunken hedonism afterwards. You’re all more than welcome. And if you’re good looking, even better.

poker? I very nearly

poker chipSo what else is new. Last Saturday we weathered ourselves thoroughly waving limbs in the direction of Optimo in the Reading Rooms, which was lots of fun. Definitely turned into one of those nights where folk are staying up for the sake of it though. Gladful there are plenty of civil socials to balance the abuse.

Back in the real world, went to see a Simon Patterson exhibition with pal Ruth which was – well – fairly disappointing, but funny to deconstruct at the same time. Bought a beautiful notebook-that-thinks-it’s-a-lifestyle-choice though.

Last night was my first proper poker night with the ex-colleagues. Small-stakes fun, but it’s still interesting how much of a buzz is generated raking in the discs. In the end though one careless chip-spunking round blew it for me. Lessons learned all round and looking forward to revenge next time.

In other news Al is finally leaving our old client this week, so tonight it’s Candy Bar for young-executive Moet-gargling, no doubt. Appalling.

Casio Exilim S100 review

After a day or two of playing with the 3MP Casio S-100. This is mostly a comparison with the champion of compact cameras, the 2MP Casio M-20 (recently deceased).

Capsule review: the S100 is a fantastic camera, and noticeably the result of careful refinement over previous Exilims. Both hardware and software show loving attention to detail.

Size comparison (S100 left, M20 right):

Screen/layout comparison:

Good points:
• it’s effectively exactly the same size as the M20, if fractionally thicker.
• the screen is astonishingly large.
• the M20 was a solid smooth metal. The S3 was a plasticky, brushed metal. This S100 is an appealing combination of both. Solid metal forms the zoom at front and bands the sides. The S3 material forms the rest.
• the woolly-feeling slide switches are gone. Play and record modes have their own buttons (which also power-on). Macro/distance setting is now part of the general focus setup.
• the power switch has been made more discreet, preventing people switching off when trying to take a picture (how many times…).
• the battery and the SD card disappear together inside the body – no more open SD slots. The battery cover feels sturdy and doesn’t come open when you catch it.
• the mic is on the front, the speaker on the back, as it should be (an issue with M20).
• has a screw point for a tripod mount.
• movie length is limited only by card size.
• flicking through pics is instant, and various thumbnail/calendar views are available to traverse large collections.
• carefully positioned braille pads to help keep your fingers off the buttons.

The Not So Good:
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My first entry

Apparently I am so cool I get my own login now. Air you will probably regret this.

Anyway, here are some pics of the Fall of Berlin, 21st April 1945 (well the second one was staged a couple of days later)

all I see is blonde, brunette

The new regime started today, consisting of getting up at 7.00am. To get more done, and also get used to ‘work’ sleep patterns. So much has gone into my head I’m starting to see the binary behind everything, Neo-style.

Purchased the new Exilim today (or rather repurchased, after Amazon decided they couldn’t let me have it as cheaply as I found it on their site. Nnrgh). So I can shortly resume collection of embarrassing weekend pics.

Gig onslaught forthcoming:

• 3 May – Idlewild
• 4 May – Coheed & Cambria
• 5 May – Arcade Fire (still plenty of “arcade fire”+glasgow on eBay)

No festivals yet though. Finally on the band front, I can report that Limewire is extraordinarily fast at leeching MP3s, try it.

consume, play, work

Have you seen Capturing the Friedmans? It’s a documentary about a family accused of appalling crimes. It twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. It’s honestly and very cleverly told. It leaves the viewer to make up their own mind. It’s an amazing fillm – go and see it immediately.

Ryan got me the original The Singing Detective for Xmas, which I’m now waltzing through. It’s astonishingly good really; completely captivating. And it goes on for ever; long-term DVD immersion is always fun, as watchers of complete Buffy seasons will testify.

What else? Oh, I found out 3WK has an Ogg stream. Point (and bookmark) your Winamp at Anyone know any other good net radio?

Ah. World of Warcraft, the newest and best MMORPG on the block. It’s very difficult to be disciplined and get anything normal done when this sucker is a click away. Looks lovely, great mechanics (fun, not grind) and you end up dreaming about it, which cannot be at all healthy. I can now enthuse about my level 10 Undead Warlock – no +3 Wand of Cheese yet though.

If like me you are frustrated by the total lack of J2EE support in Eclipse (no XML editing, you what?), it’s worth downloading the JBoss IDE plugin. Free and stable – forget Webtools, for now at least.

Oh and I got a webcam/mic. Anything useful I can do with it apart from wave bits of myself on Messenger?


Definitely NSFW.

In fact, not safe anywhere. Please don’t be angry with me if you go here and feel ill.

P.S. I’ve not submitted my entry yet. I might consider it after a hard night on the Guinness.

dear god, the ug file

plugRight, some words up front here. The Ug File is a collection of the most amusingly unflattering pics in my collection. Most are intentional but many… aren’t. This means: that picture of you in that awful state is probably here. The only criteria is that the pics are (1) amusing and (2) won’t cause any arguments, etc.

Try not to get offended; everyone gets an equal kicking, not least myself. See how many laughs you can get from… The Ug File.

pixelcase: reloaded

pixelCase GalleryPixelcase is now relaunched on kick-ass new software. I’ve loaded the pics from Austin and the new Monkey Effect collection. The pics from the old site will come across eventually, but new pics have priority. Comments and stuff enabled. Enjoy!

back to work

javaReading API specifications. Joining mailing lists. Working through tutorials. Buying best practice books. Researching frameworks. Delving into source code.

Yes, it’s back to work for me (though physically still at home for the time being). After the best part of two years providing architecture consultancy for WebSphere and MQ, I want to get back into actual coding again.

So my self-appointed task is to put together a prototype backend system for a commercial website, using the latest-and-greatest Open Source software and Sun specs. And hopefully get the Web Component Developer certification while I’m at it.

This week is getting my head round Maven 2.0 (build/integration framework), Java Server Faces (webapp structure), Subversion (next-gen source control) and trying to catch up on 2 years of JSP and Servlet spec changes. Fly my techy fingers.