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DIY derby: defensible destruction

kaboomBy crikey, as Mondays go that was a pretty top one. No blues for a start (note: not working helps this immensely).

First – and at last – the over-friendly Epsilons arrived from DFS to manhandle my new furniture into the living room. I am now the proud owner of a leathery pouffe, among other (more manly) things.

Next the painting task in my bedroom was completed. Two tones of blue and nice sharp edges, lovely. Minimal paint on my person which is nice.

Finally with the aid of my uncle’s superior toolkit, the spare room now has The Ultimate Bookshelf installed (oak factor 10). Much space to be reclaimed now I can ditch the book skyscrapers, and living room almost looks livable. Now very tired but much happier.

post-party fun

I have something fun for all you kids to do the Saturday night after Aaron’s birthday: come and see us make a racket in Bannermans at about 9pm which will cost you about £4. That is all.

low snakes and eyes

snakeWelcome. Mmmm. Ooooh fuss fuss fuss fuss Welcome in good god what has happened to my brain.

Sorry. In a heartstoppingly misguided attempt to feel better I have just watched the whole series of jam in one go. Still borderline coherent, amazingly.

Normally the sounds of Low last night in the Queen’s Hall would have been soothing. Since however they’ve re-established themselves as a rawk outfit it was an unusual gig. The normally iron-disciplined Sparhawk seemed to be in Black Eyed Snakes mode, writhing about, forgetting words and fucking up chord changes. Mimi held things together with unassailable vocal tones at the back and tried to make the drums heard over the noise.
Nice bit of collaboration with support Kid Dakota though.

Right, off to try and force down some pizza and watch DVDs until my eyes bleed tomato sauce.

don’t shoot the

Feeling most odd today. Just got back home after a two day bender with P Moseley… yesterday was a total write-off. Watched the absolutely bonkers Ichi the Killer though which is ace.

OK, due to everyone else using the accursed system I’m delving once more into instant messaging. My Messenger address is Bloated IE-tied pish that it is.


giftFor a change this year I thought I’d generate some party action for my birthday.

Hence I’d like to invite you, Dear Reader, and your partner/pals to my newish flat to get intoxicated and meet implausibly attractive people.

Date: Friday 4th March (plenty recovery time)
Place: my flat, [no longer needs to be published - ed.]
Time: after 8
New age: 28
Contact: [no longer needs to be published - ed.]

See you in casualty.

plan #12543

thoroughly fabulous weekend, etc. Boy thing came back from Saudi and we spent a few days wandering around aimlessly, going to the cinema (oceans twelve. Not my choice. Fell asleep) drinking beer, and doing normal things! The upshot is that post graduation plan #12543 is to move to Dubai this summer. We’re not quite moving in together, but he’s buying a house, will be able to visit every other weekend and things’ll be a bit more normal than the present situation which is blatantly a bit stinkin. Bit of a sad bye-bye today, but things aren’t too bad this time round as I’m meeting him in jordan for the weekend in 4 weeks.

Sounds fab. So not. Spending such lengthy periods of time apart is a strange affair. And as soon as the novelty wears off and things start to fall back into place, he swans off again. This, I feel is a move in the right direction.. Exciting stuff. Furthermore, a wee gogol search on jobs for me in UAE comes back with an impressive yield. It seems Dubai is advertising central, boasting both a Saatchi and Saatchi as well as Leo Burnett amongst a whole host of others. Times is interesting, kids.

In other news, I have the cold. Boys have diseases. That will be all.


If you’re like me you’ll go inappropriately bananas over the reference site I only just noticed because Google are now using it for their ‘definition’ links on search terms.

For any given term you get info from absolutely every angle (dictionary, thesaurus, legal, Wikipedia, misspellings, translations, etc.).

More importantly it’s free, clean and technically well thought out (the URL form is uber-clean – Firefox quick search only has to be

kilometres in the sky

I didn’t really write up the boarding holiday properly. A crude bullet-bag instead then:

• the Alps are utterly stunning in scale. Other-wordly.
• struggling to speak french is fun. Really want to learn.
• our chalet came with a dog. Its name was Brenda MacMillan. Really.
• our chalet host was strangely paranoid and possibly on a mission for MI6.
• Chamonix is lit up like Christmas, all the time.
• significant physical injury is a daily hazard on the slopes. Painkillers are the norm for breakfast.
• 90% of injuries are from drinking, not boarding.
• boarding is 90% fearlessness. To lose one’s confidence is to lose one’s mojo.
• examine the pusses of the attendees at the dedicated site

I, Pod

podI think I’m finally going to have to give in and buy a proper MP3 player with googlybits capacity. I understand Stu has landed one of the new Photo iPods (give us a quick review old son). With the powerbook now managing my ‘appointments’ (I’m sure one will happen soon) the seamless synchronisation looks pretty good.

The burning question is how sensible would it be to purchase an iPod Photo as a company asset? “Macintosh backup device and contact manager”? Hmm.

feb snow in london

ParallaxThis morning it’s snowing in perfect symmetric parallax outside my window. The buildings guide the air into a huge swirl. Closest flakes drift 45 degrees down-left; farthest flakes 45 degrees down-right.

Back last night from a weekend trip to London with partner. The culture/booze dilemma definitely resolved on the liver-friendly side, despite some valiant late-Saturday wine pummelling. I’m still incredulous at the 11pm drinking-up time, and remain irritatingly vocal about it.

So Saturday kicked off at the Imperial War Museum for the wry exhibition chuckles of Crimes Against Humanity, The Trenches and Holocaust. Then quite excitedly to the IMAX cinema to strap on the joey goggles for James Cameron’s Aliens of the Deep. The IMAX is definitely recommended, though I think we’re still waiting for the killer film. Computer-generated sequences are the most effective in 3D; notably in the initial demo film, where the illusion of objects hovering 6 inches in front of your face is astonishingly convincing.

Disappointment that the The Producers stage show was sold out, so feasted in Chinatown and wandered Soho’s Land of Pr0n for a bit.

Then a strokey-beardy Sunday afternoon in the National Portrait Gallery to check out the photos and paintings. Extra fun here is to eavesdrop on the impossibly earnest artists bombarding catatonic girlfriends with their ‘interpretations’.