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requiem x 2

A sad day today: two genuine heroines have been laid low.

MollyFirst, a solemn RIP for Molly Weir, who died this week aged 84. A proud Scot, Molly was familiar to millions of 80s-era schoolchildren as whirruping clay-faced Hazel McWitch out of Rentaghost.

I remember watching at the time and suspecting even then that Rentaghost was fundamentally rubbish. How they managed to spread their meagre supply of panto laughs over 60 episodes is quite beyond me; a task akin to buttering the surface of the Moon with a single foil-wrapped triangle of Dairylea.

The reviews on the BBC site confirm my childhood fears – reach not for a nostalgic ‘ghost DVD. And don’t believe the Scotsman report either – Molly did not play Supergran. She was in ultracamp Scots gem The High Life though – dearie me!
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I gotsta do

Things wot I gotsta do:

- Finish D Word for 10 Dec, complete with interviews and all that shit. It’s going well so far. I thinks.
- Be Craig’s paintball bitch for the weekend.
- Sort out personal projects ready for external assessment. Ooh, aah, etc.
- book flights to London for mucho crazy fun in the new year. Top of my list is going to mofo, if only to hail a taxi 20 mins later with the lurveely DJ Zena in my pocket.
- Buy a bike. Since you’re all cunts.
- come to Edinburgh. Get manky. walk home in the rain again.
- Buy Aaron back some drinks. I feel guilty.
- Fill in my PGCE form online. Before Dec 1st. Or it’s starbucks.

hallelujah! democracy

evangelistHoly God’s teeth and blood! Despite the dire warning signs, the US managed to hold a fair and democratic election. The result was, well, illuminating. If you had any doubt that ‘Merica was a fundamentally religious state, now you can take that doubt and cast it merrily into the pit of fire.

80% of voters were church-goers. Over 20% of voters described themselves as evangelical: i.e. actively spreading the Christ virus, to go all Dawkins for a moment. The majority of these people cited faith and moral issues for their choice: i.e. NO to gay rights, NO to abortion. The key moral majority concepts in the US are the three Gs – Guns, Gays and God.

Four more years of Bush & co. is, succinctly, “a victory for the Christian fundamentalists who believe their country has been chosen by God, and that Bush is the Creator’s chosen instrument; and a victory for the neoconservatives striving to build an American imperium.” - Jackie Ashley, Guardian

I can talk about it now the pain has dulled. If you try to forget there was ever a chance for respite, it’s not so bad. I got my 25 quid for the victory but it hardly compensated. Check the nice clicky map for debrief.
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mess on legs

Dear god, my head.

I awoke this morning in Leo’s cupboard wearing half of last night’s clothes, with a pair of wet socks in my pocket. Your guess is as good as mine. In actual fact, I have it on good authority from the boy Leo that your guess is probably far better. Oh dear. I would like to take this opportunity to make a full and candid apology for not being able to speak for the latter part of the night. Hee. And also for being a drunken fanny, when I could talk. Hee hee.

Ahem. But anyways. My head hurts, my organs are dissolving, and every time I stand up the ground comes up to meet me. I did however, manage to buy a rather splendid scarf today which I am most pleased with. And also a top. Yes. Leo thinks you guys are ace.

Anyway. Back to work. Lovely to see you, I think. Rosy, hope you got home awright. x


exilimAs promised, the pics from the Hallowe’en party are up and itching for your eyeballs on pixelcase [direct album link].

There were two co-mingling themes, (i) period costume (courtesy of Steve) and (ii) any old pish whatsoever (Steve’s flatmates). Enjoy, and do leave comments on the gallery if you’ve the inclination.

In other news, the TF comments system has been tweaked slightly to try and reduce the amount of spam you can’t have avoided noticing. If I find we’re still struggling then we’ll go a bit more hi tech *grin*

hellection roundup

aww kittenSo on the last day the Republican odds came back down to 1.57 – whether because of the unending US opinion polls or just betting trends it’s hard to say. In any case I put 40 bones on the Bushy favourite, which puts me up a score should the worst happen.

In fairness given the dirty tricks campaigns being waged the actual result may not be clear for some time. It’s unthinkable hypocrisy for the incumbents (odd word) to claim to be the model for democracy throughout the world, while at the same time actually trying to prevent their own citizens (i.e. Democrats) from voting.

Doing his bit to wind up shortie votahs for the Democrats, check the surprisingly coherent lyrics to Eminem’s Mosh.
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bee thousand shows

We’re going to be playing a few shows before we take a break for a couple of months and here are the dates.

Friday 12th November : Bannermans, Edinburgh

Friday 19th November : 13th Note, Glasgow

Saturday 27th November : Islington Academy, London

We will be selling copies of our new 3-track EP at these shows featuring The Scenester Bucket, A Gap Tooth Mountain and Tools for my Car. Plus some t-shirts. Door tax for all will be in the range £4 – £6 and there will be some other bands playing as well.

Hope you can make it and spread the word.