Monthly Archives: September 2004

reverse movie alchemy

Or, turning golden stories into leaden trash.

will smithAs a faithful SF teenager I read lots of Asimov (in fact, I recently added his secular bible guide to my wishlist). His Robot novels were a subtle blend of whodunnit and intelligent SF. It was with extreme cinematic disappointment then, that the Big-Willy-style movie trailer for I, Robot splashed dismally across my retinas like a watery Nike-sponsored jizzglob. My only comfort was this hilarious combined review/photoshopping exercise.

rifleAs a faithful SF teenager I also read the ass out of Ray Bradbury. Of his approximately 1.5×1035 short stories, one that sticks in the mind is the prescient time-travel gem A Sound of Thunder. Predictably this morsel has been dropped into the mainstream grinder to emerge as the crappy monster bash A Sound of Thunder [trailer]. Oh well, at least they kept the titl- oh christ I can’t go on.
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- 4th year is scary.
- we do gets a nice studio, though.
- dissertation is scaring the feckund pants off me.
- design work going totally as according.
- personal project on designer babies has an ace wee id.
- D word deadline is 10 wks.
- Going to Monaco day after tomorrow.
- *aneurysm*
- Bought nice shoeses today though. Very alt. – the tightrope ones. Purdy.
- Will abuse CJ tonight and see if she fancies coffee in between panic attacks tomorrow.
- Think I might have deep vain thrombosis.
- Leo has a new gf.
- she looks like Nic, my old gf.
- Nic is leaving the country tomorrow. Forever and ever.
- my head hurts.
- I got ulcers.

this week I have mostly been playing

jerry crossCall of Duty (multiplayer): Absolutely top-notch realistic WW2 team gaming. It’s been tried a few times before (Day Of Defeat, Medal of Honour, Barrage of Sodomy et al) but this time they’ve nailed it.
When you finally take a bullet and are waiting to respawn as reinforcements, you get to watch the KILL-CAM, an exact replay of what the other guy saw and did. So if they were a jammy sod you feel a bit better, and if they kicked your ass you can learn from them. Atmospheric and addictive. I play Germans. Achtung!

N: the tiny 2D game with the tiny name, featuring the eponymous ninja. Using only left/right and jump, this wee gem drives right to the core of why platform games are fun. Free, difficult and with high replay value.
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material gain, bureaucracy pain


• I picked up the new chariot last night (pics to follow). It is big and mean and accelerates for fun with a growly turbo BRRRM-WHOOSH noise. It has leather seats and air con. It has a 10-CD changer and MP3 player. It is officially grate.

• I am now Powerbooked (see jilly below). Exceptional attention to detail on these things. Also nice to be able to drop into a command line when the GUI gets too dumbed-down.

• replaced my home phone with a nice digital one. No more listening to the wireless network on the handset.

• original C64 games on disk: Elite, Mercenary (I can’t tell you how much I love this game), Koronis Rift
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Look! it’s here! – ed.

me Look! it’s here! And by god, it’s pretty. Spent most of this week tinkering about with her WiFi bits, and uploading all my music to iTunes. Nothing in any way constructive. I now have all the toys as regards software action, too.. Everything from Lightwave to Quark and back again. Gonna try the DVD toaster tonight! Woooo! And then i’m going to see Mylo. Message ends.


Going oot tonight to see Biffy Clyro and the fantastic Laeto, who are playing at virgin central for freshers week. Should be quality. Mr. Scruff is playing the reading rooms tomorrow, and Y.C.I: MILO next week. Woo.