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holiday lists

So sleepy I can hardly see. Sitting in an internet cafe in waverley station waiting for my train. The holiday was immense in every way imaginable. The journey there was a TF post in itself. So i’m going to do my usual random list, pop pickers. Oh yes.

Things wot I did/saw/etc on oliday.

- Sat 3 seats down from Cliff Richards on the way to Heathrow :)
- Caught my flight to Amman with roughly 32 secs to spare as said flight was delayed.
- Realised that BA had somehow managed to double book my seat.
- Was very compliant with airhostess (chebs) and was duly rewarded with an upgrade to club class. Bonus.

*Tries to suppress her excitement … Fails dramatically*

- Realised that 3 seats up from me on the left was none other than one Angelina Jolie. Drooooooool.
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news in briefs

• US election: the John Kerry/Edwards election machine at last pulls out the big guns with some help from the Clintons. Also, shocking proof of a sense of humour in the wannabe Palpatines.

• Browser democracy: with Firefox and Mozilla, you can vote for the bug you want fixed next. Sign up and make a difference.

• Bad news: for us fans of super-fit birds

• Computer magazines: not completely dead yet after all. See the DVD-laden Retro Gamer for nostalgia^2.

• Satire: in the entertaining, brilliantly animated kind of way (thanks to JJ).

honest puzzle or ninja marketing?

cutebee.gifTaking the idea of stealth marketing to a geeky extreme, the makes of Halo 2 have turned out an absolutely top-notch mystery in the form of

The banal-sounding URL was near-subliminally flashed in their cinema-distributed trailer. It appears to be a legitimate bee-related site, complete with Blogger journal from the owner, Dana – now somewhat distressed after the sinister developments on her site.

Teams of folks have been busy decoding the surprisingly disquieting stuff that appears on the site, which is complex enough to compare with any Lynch film. If you want the current-best-guess spoilers, get the reconstructed story so far. I love it.

a long time ago

lando.jpgSo on Tuesday night – since the EQ2 beta hasn’t come to anything – I broke out the license key for my free 14-day trial of, wait for it, Star Wars Galaxies.

Now I have really fond memories of losing hours and hours on Planetside last year. SWG is a different game altogether, and my first foray into genuine RPGs a la Everquest. Like the latter, it’s as addictive as crack-flavoured heroin. It’s very difficult to do anything practical – like packing for my weekend Francais – when SWG.exe is only a click away.

Once you get over the first overwhelming info-attack you start to appreciate the depth and capacity for team play. Will update on the adventures of Airor as I get a better grip on it.

two get lost in cyprus

Yessss… We made it to Jihadville safe and sound. Leaving tomorrow on the big birdie, will update at some point in the very near future. Lots of stories to tell. Hope you’re all good.

See y’all soon. Bukra inshala.

Jilly x

funny how secrets travel

This week I unwisely stayed up til 3am watching the intense head-smashing Lynchpiece Lost Highway. If like me you’re only 70% happy with what the linear story is and fancy some Further Reading, here are the news:

Demystifying Lost Highway is one of the early stabs at an interpretation. It’s got some holes (the demise of Andy) but is a good start.
• the discussion thread on IMDB. The entries from Zambelli and strike11nitro offer some useful observations.
• by far the most authoritative though is the frank and honest account given by the co-writer Barry Gifford. It couldn’t be further from Lynch’s absolute refusal to comment on any definitive interpretation of his films.

Update: sorry, would be a crime not to link the screenplay for reference. Check Lynch’s prĂ©cis.

my thumbs have gone weird

sheepsmall.gifWow, an update-free week. Combined effects of post-TitP head-breakage and keyboard carnage at work. Meaning ‘busy’. Have a fairly good content file though so lots to come next week, honest missus.

Today I have mostly bought Hope of the States (hateful overproduced sub-indie wail); Sons and Daughters (proper Scots bo); The Walkmen (unmistakably good) and Wilco (uncompromising). And that’s about it, after some new-bar exploration last night – Villager and Nektar – followed by a Go-Go night has rendered me The Rubber Man. Watched Lost In Translation though which was pleasantly warm hungover viewing.

I imagine Sunday will be even more of a write-off than today so! til Monday.


It’s just hit me. I’m going to the middle east in less than a week and I am scarily unprepared. I’m actually begining to shit myself. This is not good. Aarghh. More later.

bookending silence with tedium

Well it’s 21:29 and the currently exciting plan is to catch a quick Radoxed bath and then some Serious Sleep Action before the T in the Park trip begins tomorrow. Been kinda busy for updates but will check in again with a batch of new pics and stuff on Tuesday.

Have a good weekend y’all *yawn*