Monthly Archives: May 2004

aka elph

Oooh-ooh, look kids. Ed-born graffiti artist/illustrator Elph has updated his site for spring. I love this guy. No, I actually I adore him. Went to his exhibition at the bongo club in 2002, and have been in awe of his stuff ever since. He did a screenprint for analogue last summer, but it sold out in a jiffy. Anywho, go check him out. Yeas.

movin’ friday

Cruelly the Telewest minion arrived this morning to take away my broadband. Alas! reduced to posting from my phone.

No internet access! I am like Superman cut off from the sun. Or Malc Almond deprived of swollen-testicled young men.

Happily though today is Move Day and I pick up keys to my very own flat in an hour. W00t etc.

More important stuff (like Gaiden views) to follow.

party v4.0


friday 4th june


top flat, 19 manor place

Manor Place opens its doors again for yet another evening of mayhem. You know the score by now – bring your favourite poison and whoever else you like, as long as they at least have something going for them, i.e. good looks / sense of humour / intoxicants. Proceedings will kick off around 8pm and will end when they end, come along whenever you like.

in the gay-den

shuriken Rejoice! Gay-den is here.

With fond memories of the arcade original, extremely robust reviews and the promise of a herculean challenge, I got me a pristine XBox and ordered Ninja Gaiden from Amazon.
Alas my slicin’ & dicin’ was cruelly postponed as our dullard postie gave the goods instead to my deaf, blind, acutely paranoid and unidextrous neighbour. After getting up at dawn and leaning on her door buzzer for a good 10 minutes however I finally got her spastic attention and the precious shuriken-laden parcel.

And I have the rest of the week off to pummel it! Joy.

Bean Update

All is well! In fact, all is extremely well indeed. Either the cloud has lifted from above my head, and life seems to be panning out as according to my utopian master plan, or someone’s putting prozac into my meals. Either way, it’s all good. School’s out, exams are over, flights to Jordan arrived today, the weather esta sunny, my friends are happy, my sis has just started uni, I have a darling boyfriend who is really rather fantastic, and thinks i’m ace (well, duh..), and i’ve been offered a j-o-b at vibe in Dundee. Wo0t.

And! It’s only 362.5 days til I get to leave. Yep siree bob.

I am Jillybean. Hear me roar.

a glorious new era dawns

Well it took a few days longer than I expected, but the shift is complete. We’re now on a hardcore hosting service with googlybits of space, secure shell access, mySQL databases and all sorts. It’ll take a wee while to figure out the new templates and restore all the bits and pieces, but the new style is pretty, no?
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the big switcheroo

Right. As you might have gleaned TF is migrating to a lovely new host and lovely new software.

At some point this week, your local nameserver will get with the program and instead of your favourite dynamic TF style, you will instead get some classy but boring MT layout instead. This is A Good Thing.

In the meantime (stu, bean, caitlin) can we hold off on new posts please? Thanks. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

official lynch

While we’re on the subject of my favourite writer/director, the official site at has long been tempting. It’s basically a pay site, so it’s credit cards out to get the goods.

The carrot is the fact that (i) it’s set up by the Lynchster himself and (ii) contains a number of exclusive short films and such, given you can find your way through the puzzle-like interface. See the IMDB entry for the short Darkend Room for an example.

May have to go for it one of these days.

classic unmade films

Noticed an article on kuro5hin today about unmade scripts. I can thoroughly recommend these sci-fi numbers if you have a minute.

First up is the David Lynch/Mark Frost collaboration One Saliva Bubble. They’re the same chaps who wrote Twin Peaks – reason enough to be interested.

Slightly more readable is James Cameron’s superb ‘scriptment’ for Avatar. I was struck by the obvious influence of one of my favourite obscure sci-fi novels Deathworld by Harry Harrison.