Monthly Archives: April 2004

torture 24 – breaking news

Today an American network got hold of evidence showing US soldiers torturing and humiliating Iraqi prisoners. Check the clip from the original CBS broadcast – it’s actually quite bad.

I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t kick off big style tomorrow. Gimme a G! Gimme an E! Gimme a NEVA!

Update: Interestingly the press are treating this very differently on either side of the Atlantic. The Gimpian and most European papers are giving it front page status, with photos and in-depth discussion of torture and the consequences.

The US media response barely registers on Google News however. CNN uses the ‘unsubstantiated’ inverted commas with Iraq prison ‘abuse’ sparks outrage.

Update 2: Wikipedia has the details and a full set of incriminating photographs.

mmm… technology

Logged into my new shell account last night to try out the journalling big gun, movable type. Very easy to install. Some time in the next week or two taking fire will be migrating onto the new platform. Hopefully disruption will be minimised *crosses fingers*.

In any case the look and feel is likely to change when we hit the new box. A good excuse for a revamp I think…

n. mort’gage

…meaning dead pledge from the old French and Germanic roots respectively. You’ve read Le Mortgage d’Arthur right?

Today I got approval for a big chunk of cash to buy my new flat. The Halifax in fact were willing to pledge me anything up to a frankly outrageous £442,000. One of the consequences of being an A-Team-style independent *gargles with Cristal*.

jesse and celine

I don’t know if this is of any interest to anyone, but Before Sunrise has always been one of my favourites (probably in my Top 5), ever since I first watched it back in the day on VHS.

You can imagine my excitement when I searched for it in the IMDb a few months ago and discovered that they (i.e. same writer/director, same cast) have gone and made a follow-up, due out this summer.

gaming news

The most successful western MMORPG ever is the classic EverQuest, also known as EverCrack due to its awesome addictive properties.

The beta phase for the next-gen sequel EQ2 starts this Monday – I reckon I’ll try and sign up now that my Planetside period is in recession. Can’t wait to buy my first +3 Vorpal Scimitar of Cheese from eBay for 50 quid…

lazy sunny nonsense.

Hungover is not the word after last night’s excertions at the reading rooms. It wasn’t so much the volume, as the diversity of what I consumed. Feeling totally heinous. Anyway, tomorrow skool’s back after what can only be described as the most welcomed holiday of my life (wrinkles) I get to find out whether i’ve been nominated for anything as far as the roses awards go (fingerses crossed) and someone is taking photos of me for the courier (fuck). Mostly been listening to Melissa Auf Der Maur’s new album, which is far superior to anything Hole ever came up with, and features cameo appearances from Mssrs Oliveri and Homme amongst others. This can never be a bad thing. Go buy the record. Track 2 is a stormer. Been shopping, buying festival tickets, lying in the park eating strawberries whilst wearing as little as possible, a studyin, a pdf-in’, and a talkin my boy on the phone. All is well..

My stomach says differently, but what can you do..

Gmail impressions

1. no creating folders. You have a general ‘Archive’ option for stuff you’ve read but don’t want to delete. It seems the idea is to stop deleting email: you simply Archive stuff when you’re finished with it. Then Google Search comes in to let you pick out emails later.

2. minimal trips to the server. This is top notch. I think they store as much data as possible in the browser up-front, and use clever scripting to flick between screens with zero delay.

3. heavy use of ‘conversation’ paradigm. All emails in a thread are automatically collapsed into a single item (conversation). By clicking on the subject lines you can expand/collapse elements at will. This makes your Inbox look a lot simpler.

4. Google Account. There is now a general (non-Gmail) page named Google Account Control Center. Gmail ominously appears to be only the second phase of Google’s world domination plans.

I for one welcome our new Google overlords.

stop press: Gmail

If you have an account with now is the time to log in: Google are offering active users of this service advance accounts with the much-discussed Gmail.

So I got my account (aaron.bell), w00t! Alas no logins less than 6 characters so isn’t on the cards. Quote: You are currently using 0 MB (0%) of your 1000 MB.

Why I think this is important:
- it’s got no storage ceiling.
- it’s going to perform the ass out of any other webmail service.
- it’s minimalist (Hotmail bloat anyone?).
- it’s got every usability innovation in the book.