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HHGttG: Revelations

To update a previous post, in Hitchhiker’s casting news Ford Prefect is to be played by… Mos Def. Quite how the Brooklyn-born rap star will be mangled into the role of eccentric ale-supping Englishman/alien from Guildford/Betelgeuse is open to conjecture and violent argument.
I recall the TV-series Ford – David Dixon – actually looked quite extraterrestrial which helped immensely.

Slightly less controversially Marvin will be physically animated by Warwick Davies. You may remember him from such roles as Wicket the Ewok and fantasy’s greatest shorty* Willow. Surely though the impact of his acutely depressive character will be nullified by the squeaky voice? Or perhaps the producers don’t want to bring the audience down and will rework Marvin into a hilarious comedy sidekick.

In fact I wonder if the whole thing will be an embarrassing and upsetting failure.

* though not in the hiphop sense.

whinge, moan..

Eye of the storm this weekend, in Dundee. Last week’s madness gave way to a bizarre inner calm on saturday evening, post a day stuck in a sweaty university CAD suite looking outside at passers by with their sunglasses on. Reebeast gave me a ring and asked if I fancied lunch, but opted instead to catch the special bus back to Edzell to reintroduce myself to my family. Sweet.

Usual drunken behaviour with my big sis ensued. That and online booking of flights to Amsterdam on the 9th.. Can’t wait. All we seem to do these days is work. This semester has been fairly full on.. Anyway, on Friday I have 3 weeks off, and I fuly intend to have some fun before my grey hairs get noticable.

Before that though, I have 3 project deadlines and a dissertation hand in. Fun and games.

*Still* thinking about taking the year out..


sac magique; sac magique.

Great start to my Friday. Engrossed in a pint of PG Tips and the Metro, I walked calmly away from my wee black rucksack and boarded the train without it. Leaving behind not only various work-related papers but my precious USB key, containing company accounts and documents from all my previous projects.
Cue frantic table-searching and some frankly astonishing swearing when I reached Livingston. I can also reveal that phone numbers of UK railway stations are off-limits to members of the public. Eventually though a nice chap on the Lost/Found line put me through and it was all good – the Haymarket people had raked through the contents and announced across the station “Could Ahren Bell from Sky Television please contact the supervisor on platform 4″. Result.
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homosexual necrophilia

Out here at Edinburgh Park we have a nice man-made ‘loch’ which is home to a variety of wildlife. My favourites are the Ring-Necked and Mallard ducks. I affectionately refer to these guys as my ‘little duck buddies’ and look forward to seeing them at lunchtimes getting up to whatever hi-jinks take their fancy as they live their simple lives in the loch, oblivious to the capitalist corporate bullshit that surrounds them.
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Holy cow, batman. How unbelievable is the effort for this years T in the Park? David Bowie, The Strokes, The Pixies, PJ Harvey, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand and Snow Patrol? omg.

Kinross it is.

lawn of the dead

2004 is clearly the year of the zombie. Well, this century anyway.

Best News Headline Featuring Zombies goes to MTV’s “Zombies Drive Jesus From Top Of Box Office” – most evocative. It’s about Dawn Of The Dead though. Sadly.

Closer to home and cheaper to boot is our lovely friend Simon Pegg in the anticipated Shaun Of The Dead. Official site for trailers, etc.
Also check out the Spaced site for more news, including the link with 2000AD magazine.

wheelchair massacre

OK, let’s think about what happened to poor old Ahmed Yassin a.k.a. Saruman The White. The fact that the Israeli army scored a direct missile hit on a half-blind, wheelchair-bound 67 year old is:

(a) extremely scary, considering what the repercussions are going to be

(b) cowardly


(c) pretty funny in a visceral kind of way

More here and here.