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Frenzy this morning. Technical problems overcome last night so no more excuses – have to get test ready to go this afternoon. Unfortunately the plane for Stockholm leaves in 6 hours so time is not on my side, as a leathery Stone once said. Cue Benny Hill theme mashed with William Tell overture. Can ya hear it?

As an aside, the theme for all IT projects – to be surreptitiously hummed or whistled when witnessing breathtaking incompetence – is Fucik’s Enter the Gladiators. All together now…

not using the WTC attack for political gain #1


“[On] September 14 2001, I stood in the ruins of the twin towers. I remember a lot that day …
As we all did that day, these men and women searching through the rubble took it personally. I took it personally.

“I have a responsibility that goes on. I will never relent in bringing justice to our enemies. I will defend America, whatever it takes.”

Go Prez.

recording time

Spent Friday and Saturday working our asses off in the studio recording the first Bee Thousand single. Our producer was a lovely chap called James Locke who had some success a while back with his band The Chimes. We pulled in an 11 hour day on Friday recording everything apart from vocals – bass and drums to begin with, then Ryan guitar, then another bass track (with a little overdrive) and finally some K-Rock guitar. A fantastic time was had by all over the weekend and mixing is happening on Wednesday night. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend as I shall be in London attending a gig by one of my favourite bands, The Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band. Looking forward to hearing the finished product, I’ll let you all know how it goes…


Had to take the whole day off yesterday due to cataclysmic fallout from thermonuclear alcobooze. Professional? You bet.
A generous manager type took the team out for el Spanish mealio, confirming once and for all that tapas sucks harder than Don Quixote’s donkey. Even the best efforts to go home at a reasonable hour after the Candy Bar phase were thwarted. The memory starts to go fuzzy at the post-2am session in ‘Fingers’. For the uninitiated this isn’t a house of vaseline-aided massage but in fact a filthy midweek alcoholics’ piano bar. People handing me tequila shots out of the mist.

valentines weekend roundup


Took control of the back room at Evol dishing out the punishment from 10.30 till 3am. A good night characterised by excessively loud music and a relatively empty back room due to the excessively loud music. At the time I didn’t realise but the fact I couldn’t hear what was playing through the headphones was maybe the giveaway… But I had fun which is the main thing.
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beauty and the beast of redmond

I thought a couple of Micro$oft-related stories today were quite entertaining.
From a techy point of view, the widespread reports of their leaked Windoze code fell terribly short of the money shot. Where could we actually see the source? Would it be interesting in any way?
Rescue then from Kuro5hin, with an amusing roundup of the exasperated comments embedded in the code. “Mondo hackitude-o-rama” – we’ve all been there.
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