Monthly Archives: January 2004

s1te statz

Some figures for the curious. Some journals are obsessed with viewing figures… so far I’ve never really indulged in this kind of hit masturbation. Never thought you’d be a blogger because hit counters are so passé, to appallingly filk the Dandies.

This month the p900 info page overtook TF in popularity for the first time. TF has remained fairly constant at about 1,050 hits/month. The P900 page has racked up 1,209 requests in January.
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Ads that hurt me.

1. Norwich Union ‘quote me happy’
2. Linda Barker’s Argos thing.
3. I love horses, they’re my friends*

*only because the latter penetrated me in some indescribable way, and has left me regurgitating it at regular intervals..


This weekend, I mostly travelled quite a lot, drank far too much red wine, aaand! bought a ball gown for our Dannii’s Musical Society Ceilidh-type-affair :) Holy cow, batman. Its a long, cream and has kinda sparkly bits on. Feeling quite impressed with myself. I’m going to wear it constantly. Even whilst doing the dishes. Look everybody! I’m a girl!

(unfortunately, I broke the budget 3 fold on buying it, and am going to have go wearing it with my boing trainers. Heee.)

HHGttG: RotK

Ain’t It Cool are blithering excitedly about the big-screen version of Hitchhiker’s, finally emerging from limbo and due to shoot this year. Slightly sparse IMDB entry here. Martin Freeman (Tim from The Office) is to play Arthur Dent, which is spot-on casting. Martin’s own page confirms the news.

It’s definitely worth checking out the prototype design for Marvin – it’s nothing like the old BBC version. God those special effects were terrible. Remember Zaphod’s radio-controlled head appearing on Tomorrow’s World..?