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I’m posting this as a new entry because I’m anally retentive and need to see a preview of it before I post. Sorry.

1.What did you do in 2003 that you’d never done before?

Joined a band. Drank solidly for two weeks. Stayed single for over 3 months, breaking my record.
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Hello Santa!

Well, this christmas was the best in years. We had a big family do, my evil twin Kimmy was in the country for once, and it was all dead special. No arguments, family feuds, or temper tantrums. Santa Claus, in his somewhat clouded judgement decided that i’d been good this year, and bestowed all manner of lovelyness upon me. I got more chocolate than I have ever seen in my entire life, money towards my trip to NY in feb, books, cd’s, a lovely pair of DKNY sunglasses, muchos undergarments, and… and… Anyway. Twas great.
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merriness and such

Been somewhat quiet from the Bell camp here, but pre-Xmas preparations (and *cough* office parties *cough*) have taken their toll. Last weekend proved an excellent ruinous start to the festival.
After a week of Sky/Bright Grey/Spektra socialising, Friday arrived with the crushing combination of both the work night out (featuring tequila ‘body slammers’) and Func’s birthday night (great fun). I have no idea what Saturday morning was like.
Saturday night was an extremely unwise all-nighter – thanks to the ever-irresponsible P Moseley – leading to a final terminal crash at Sunday 7pm and total disorientation all day Monday. Xmas-shopping-time out of the window.
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Punch drunk love

What a bizarre film… I decided to be antisocial last night, in favour of my duvet, the tv, baileys flavour ice cream, and some decent blockbuster action.. Pirates Of The Caribbean was pretty disappointing, (I fell asleep) and Punch Drunk Love just.. left me cold. Granted, my mental capacity was greatly diminished after the night before (Drinking games. I watched in horror as each of my flatmates necked 2 pints of carling lager from one of those stupidly big glasses made especially.. What are they called again..? with apparent ease, and when it came to my turn, I got to 1 and 3 quarters, and then went horribly projectile. Eurghh.. I think i’m too small.. Pathetic. Must do better, get wider, and squash more in. Fnar.) But still, I didn’t find it engaging in the slightest. Mind you, my tastes in the cinematic aren’t particularly orthodox. (see the ‘among giants’ entry..) So who knows.. Maybe i’m in the wrong.

On a seperate note altogether, Will Young must die. Immediately. Merry Christmas y’awl..

my god, it’s full of news

Lots of very interesting and inspiring things are happening, but I am far too hungover to comment adequately on any of it. Saying that:

1. Saddam Hussein has been captured. My first reaction was disappointment; the grim anticipation of US triumphalism.

2. Bush has said publicly that he wants Saddam to be killed. While his attitude is not unexpected, it is unashamedly, childishly brutal and totally inappropriate to openly say it. This is 2003 for fuck’s sake.
The debate about different nations and their use of the death penalty is pretty interesting though.
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Well impressed with last nights entertainment, despite the fact that my friends (pussies) wanted to head off early cos they were tired… aaaahh… I saw the looks you were giving Johaana, Ross. Sleep was sooo not on the agenda :) Anywho.. The Bee rocked. Big thankses to Stu, Kieran & co for not being to rock n roll to come to Scumdee.. they went down dead well. The other 2 bands weren’t bad either. I thought Closer were pretty good, and the other band who was fronted by a really shy guy who I work with at the union, turned out to be… Not that retiring at all. Always the quiet ones.
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Happy Birthday TF!

Well fight fans, 15th December 2003 marks one whole year of entertaining drivel here on taking fire. To mark the occasion I’m putting together that long-promised retrospective. Expect it once the effects of the weekend finally wear off : /

If you’re a lurking reader it would be nice to add a quick ‘hello’ reply and make us authors feel loved. Whaddya say? It’s nearly Christmas after all…