Monthly Archives: November 2003

laugh. you’ve got to though eh?

These links shamelessly Ctrl-V’ed from Al. I think this one – Sad Jokes – is utterly brilliant. Very Red Meat I reckon.
And if you ever saw Steven Wright (the American one) you’ll appreciate this wee collection.

In other news I just remembered this joke and am quietly, uncontrollably laughing to myself in the office. My colleagues are looking strangely:

Q: What do you do if you find a trumpet growing in your garden?
A: Root it oot!

midweek memory marathon

A quick report first I imagine.

Friday was a Belfry night with the the Riders of RoHaz, featuring backing vocals from Fraser, Steve, Robbie, etc. etc. and a small, red, wooden postvan. Kickout led us through the infamous Concorde chippy and a fridge-clearing carryout from Bertie’s. Then back to Steve’s for vinyl abuse and gibbering. Unusually for a weekend-starter I stayed up til 6ish arguing with Robbie and “Big” James about the usual pseudo-liberal pish (Iraq, Israel, capitalism, burdz).
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the mad world of cheese-eating surrender-monkeys

Ah, nearly the weekend. Culture night last night with Mr Moseley to see Être et avoir but found it sold out to hordes of cheese-eating surrender-monkeys.
Instead we stumbled into Nói albinói, an Icelandic film. White, cold, bleak and funny. Did I mention bleak*? Post-film cheerage in Bertie’s with Robbie, the Hunts and Fraser so was all good. Thankfully we didn’t drink this much though.
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study hard

On a training course in Glasgow this week (Oracle 9i Performance Tuning!) but I’ve got web access so I can keep up to date with this nonsense. It also means I can access my Friendster account which is blocked at work… joy.

Gig on Saturday night in the Venue if anyone is interested. Party is definitely going ahead on the 5th December.